The Church already has three major holidays devoted to Mary (days of obligation) and a lot of minor holidays. Holy day of Obligation. The Month of Mary is May. The Month of the Rosary is October. The Feast of the Immaculate Heart is the Saturday following the Second Sunday after Pentecost. The First Saturday of each Month is also dedicated to Marian Devotions.

One Catholic asks, Is another day really necessary? YES, if you are depending on good works to earn your salvation, because there is always more we could do to deserve it, but the Bible says salvation is “not of works, lest any man should boast,” Ephesians 2:9

Righteousness comes by faith in the finished work of Christ and there is nothing we can add to what the Bible says is the way of salvation, but the Catholic Church abolished that way and has forged it’s own way through the centuries with its councils and edicts and encyclicals and pronouncements to which there is no end and never the satisfaction that Christ is all we need if we do it on His terms.

The plan of salvation was taught in the Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23 where we understand that Christ died as the Passover Lamb for our sins on Passover. He arose on the day of the wave sheaf as the first fruits of the dead and Penteocst—the memorial of the covenant made with Israel at Sinai, was when the Holy Spirit was given to the early church to help them interpret the law and covenant made at Sinai.

The Catholic Church boasts that it abolished those “Jewish festivals” and instituted in its place the false observances that include devil worship on Halloween (All Saints Day) Christ Mass (mass is a celebration of His death, see also Jeremiah 10:2-4) )and Easter with its pagan fertility symbols of eggs and rabbits.

Moses wrote not to add to, nor take away from his words, but the church has taken away and added more many times through the centuries as stated of the ‘little horn’ that grew out of the 4th beast in Daniel 7 that represented the Roman Empire, Rome has done all the things verse 25 says, and it is well-represented by half a dozen clues in Revelation 17 that only fit the papacy.

It is no wonder that Pope Francis called the Bible an “extremely dangerous book.” If Catholics only read the words of Christ, “use not vain repetitions of the heathen” Matt 6:7 and “Call no man Father” Matt 23:9, they should know enough to recognize false claims. Dead saints cannot save anyone, not even the priests who are as guilty as hell of homosexuality, pedophilia, and rape of nuns, mass grave of 800 infants linked to the church.

Isn’t it time to call a spade a spade and dig ourselves out of the mess? The Bible makes the call—“Babylon [confusion of teachings] is fallen…come out of her, My people, that your partake not of her sins and receive not of her plagues.” Rev 18:2-4.

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