Summary: Christ’s warning in Matthew 24 was understood by early believers as military force, and their fleeing Jerusalem in obedience spared them the siege and destruction by Titus. But the warning was not only for Jerusalem, but “the end of the world,” Matthew 24:3,15.

Obama promised change, but most people had no clue as to how bad the changes would be. The world is on the brink of economic collapse and the Fed is printing money to postpone the fateful day when Humpty Dumpty has a great fall.

The build-up of troops and readiness for marshall law with Executive Orders spells trouble, especially for those living in cities.

The Marines on patrol in Afghanistan carried rifles and drove armored vehicles, but why is this same gear being used on our city streets?

We are looking at ever-increasing force to deal with ever-increasing lawlessness. Whatever we don’t internalize of the 10 Commandments, creates an area for potential trouble that can result in vandalism, burning a gas station or robbing a convenience store in retaliation for a perceived social injustice, in the case of Ferguson Missouri, it was the shooting of a black teenager by a police officer, reportedly after a struggle for his gun.

But the words used by the “police” were self-incriminating to incite a fight they knew they could win and how many of them are only too eager to take out their hostilities against unarmed youth in a show of force or authority?

How do we spell trouble? There are many ways it can come. From the incompetence of our leaders in Washington, from the spread of Ebola, from a collapsing economy, from the brokenness of the moral fabric of society, any or all of these spell the kind of change that Obama promised but we didn’t understand where he could be taking us. But here we are!

As Matt Drudge said, “Have an exit plan.” It’s not going to be good. Or why would George Bush buy 100,000 acres in Paraguay? Some see “the handwriting on the wall” and are wisely making plans. How about the average person?

For many it’s the frog syndrome. The water is heating so slowly that the frog never knows when to jump. It seems like there should be a clear sign for when to get out, almost like the warning to evacuate New Orleans with Katrina. But those who didn’t later wish they had.

Maybe the clear sign is in the Bible, we just haven’t thought about it. If we see a sword come on the land and don’t blow the trumpet, others may be taken, but God holds us accountable. Ezekiel 33:6 We should do what we can to warn others. (Please share this warning.)

What happened in New Orleans is a warning for us, even as Christ said to flee when we see [military] “standing where it ought now.” Mark 13:14. Christians should heed His warning, but one doesn’t have to be a Christian to benefit from doing what He said. For an easy-reading commentary on Matthew 24; Mark 13 and Luke 21, visit

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