Buying heavy equipment and machinery would be very expensive, and the best alternative is to take advantage of offers from plant rental companies. A heavy equipment rental provider offers a wide range of machinery and accessories to perform hundreds of tasks. Listed below are the types of rental equipment available.

Scissor lifts can also be classified into two types depending on their drive mechanism: hydraulic lifts and pneumatic lifts. In these lifts, a liquid is used for the movement of the lift. When the liquid is released, the scissor arms are stretched, and the lift moves up. The amount of liquid released depends on the height at which the lift must be raised.


A forklift is needed to lift boxes or packages indoors. Warehouses and warehouses usually need them. Forklift trucks have the ability to lift objects onto a platform and move them around an area. The height of the forklift must be considered.

When an additional forklift is needed temporarily or as a replacement for a non-operational unit, turning to plant rental providers may be the best solution.


Some people also call a bulldozer an excavator. This machine digs trenches, holes and can perform earthmoving services in any working condition. The excavator uses a bucket to dig and a boom to reach fair distances where the earth will be loaded or moved.

The size of the buckets is important to be able to work an excavator efficiently. Plant rental companies often have different shapes and sizes of buckets.


This is basic earthmoving machinery. An attachment called a deep ripper can handle work in compacted terrain. Other jobs, such as cleaning or road construction, are best done with a bulldozer. This machinery can operate faster and in a wider area than using the manual method.

Cherry pickers

To gain more access to places that are out of reach and cannot be accessed safely with a ladder, a cherry picker provides a safe and efficient alternative. This type of equipment is not used often, so buying a cherry picker may not be a good investment.

Dumpers, dump trucks, and trailers

When there is a need to large move volumes of earth, rocks, or trees, then these types of vehicles are needed. They can be invaluable for any project, ensuring that endless hours are not wasted transferring materials from the site to a download area.


Continuing with the vertical theme, some plant rental companies may provide multiple cranes. These are absolutely necessary equipment to move bulky products to places with many stories of height. Cranes are primarily needed for construction sites.


Most project sites or areas do not have electrical power due to distance or distance. A generator is an equipment that will be invaluable, especially if there are other machines that need power.

Having a generator nearby will ensure that all other machines can run, including the field office. A generator can really help you save time and money, regardless of the work you do.

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