One of the easiest ways to make a good impression in your phone interview is to be calm, cool, and collected.  To do that, you need to be prepared, organized, and relaxed.  Here are some tips that will help you have a great phone interview.

Be Prepared – In fact, be over-prepared.  Nothing calms nerves like being ready for anything.  That means, don’t just go to the company’s website.  Read it carefully.  Go to the company’s LinkedIn page and Facebook page, if they have it.  Google them for the latest news.  Look at their competitors.  The more you can learn ahead of time, the better off you’ll be.  Knowledge is power.   

Practice Your Answers to Common Interview Questions Before the Interview – There’s no excuse for not knowing what you’ll say to questions you know you’ll be asked, like “Tell me about yourself,” or “Why are you interested in this job?”  Look up how to answer interview questions to get yourself started, and then practice saying your answers out loud, maybe even with a friend, so that you sound smooth and confident when you say them during the interview.

Arrive Early – This one probably sounds weird, because you will likely be handling your phone interview at home.  It doesn’t matter. Wherever you’re having your phone interview, get there early—even if it’s in a quiet room somewhere in your house.  Get there early, bring your glass of water, make yourself comfortable, set up your cheat sheets, and take a few minutes to breathe.   You will be calmer, and you will make a better impression on the person you’re talking to.

Keep Your Cheat Sheets Handy – What are cheat sheets?  Cheat sheets are anything that will help you do better in the phone interview—your resume, your list of questions to ask, your list of references, key points you want to remember to make, and even a few phrases that you want to use to describe yourself.  Spread them out in front of you so you’re not shuffling papers during the call.  Make them easy to glance at. 

Practice Relaxation Breathing – Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and let it out slowly.  This does wonders for slowing down your heart rate and giving you a feeling of calm and control.  Definitely do this before your telephone interview.  If you need to do it during the call, go ahead—but don’t breathe hard into the phone.  That could sound a little awkward.

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