Recently Oprah and Dr. Oz gave past life regression the “celebrity bump”, and it has resulted in a significant increase in conversations and curiosity about past lives wherever I go. Many people are asking how we choose a particular lifetime. I address this from a couple of perspectives in my new book, Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness.

Chapter 5, Making Good Choices, states:

One of the most powerful gifts of past life regression is that it helps us make good choices. We aren’t stuck with what we have today, we can make different choices. If we like what we have, we can make it even better. Exploring our past lives yields a treasure trove of information that helps us shape our lives in more positive ways, accomplish our goals, and cherish our connections with others.

The clearer we become about our own nature, and the nature of the universe, the better our choices become. This chapter is about making choices that enhance our spirit and contribute to all of life.

One very obvious way that past life regression helps us make better choices is that we can see the consequences of our behavior. If lying, cheating, or saying hurtful things brought pain in a past life, we are less likely to repeat those mistakes. If we can see the growth and joy we brought with love and kindness, we are more likely to gravitate in those positive directions.

How do you make choices? What factors do you consider when making decisions in this life? How can you improve your decision-making skills? How you make decisions in this life will reflect how you will make choices for your next incarnation. Are you ready to do that?

Through the techniques of hypnotherapy and past life regression, when facilitated by an experienced and well-trained practitioner, it may be easier than you think to explore new and interesting facets of yourself, make positive changes for an enhanced future, and set upon enjoying a life filled with life-affirming choices and experiences.

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