I was looking in the dictionaries for the meaning of passion and mostly they were defining romantic love, then I find this meaning; Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action, to put as much heart, mind, body, and soul into something as is possible.
Do you have this kind of passion in you? If not, why? Without passion no ideas would ever come, without passion life is a bore, without passion life has no meaning, without passion you only survive and with passion you live.
We came to Neothink to find ourselves, and to find a meaning to our lives. Without passion we will never find the answers that we are looking for. Without finding your essence you life will never be fulfilled. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 where is your passion, if it is not a 10 ask yourself why. Find out! You spent a lot of money on these books and not you are reading them, but you must remember if you read these books with no passion to change to the person you were meant to be then you just wasted your money. Do you want to waste the rest of your life?
If you are not living with passion, go back to your child of the past. Remember, what you were passionate about then. Sit down and relax and go back to that child. Remember how it felt, we got up excited about the day, we went out and played all day no worries, just play and fun. Get that back into your life.
Imagine everyday having passion in your life. You wake up every morning excited about the day in front of you. You get up with a smile on your face ready to take on the world. You know what you have to do; you know that you are now a value creator. Imagine how good that must feel; creating for society, creating for the betterment of man. Wow! Now you are living, getting the most out of life, the passion in you spreads to all parts of your life, passion for your partner, kids, family and friends. That is what it is like to live with passion.
You have but this one life, it is your choice on how you live it, but do you think is would be better if you were living you passion? Don’t you owe it to yourself? Not just yourself but to the world. We need everyone to live their passion, to be what they should be.
Mark Twain said: they are two important days in your life the day you were born and the day you find out why. Don’t you want to find out why?

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As a Certified Life Coach of Fagan & Associates, Inc. Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table. Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management.

Quote, “I always focus on my client’s needs and wants; and being honest at all times, this always helps to build long term relationships.”

Currently, Mr. Moore is Co-Host on two National calls each week. The focus of these calls pertains to finding the powers within you. This is the first step towards becoming a self-leader which is essential to any success in life and can be done via two simple concepts, says Mr. Moore, “Pure Love and Pure Honesty.”

You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help you see and find the answers within you leading towards your personal successes. That is what a Life Coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals, and your personal desires.

This is my life’s motivation and essence, to help people become the person they always wanted to be. It took me a long time to get here, and now, I don’t want to see another person waste years trying to find the way themselves. As your personal Life Coach, I will show you the way.

Let me put my experience and training to work for you as we build your life success through your consultative services with Fagan & Associates, Inc.

Best Regards,
Charlie Moore,
Professional Life Coach