Summary: America's border problem is prophetic. Rome has conquered US, and a growing majority will vote the pope as leader of a New World Order as rapid changes continue.

“At the time of the end” the king of the north “overflows” the king of the south in Daniel 11:40. In Bible times, Egypt was the king of the south—south of the holy land, but in the time of the end, the US has a dozen parallels to Egypt as the greatest nation, also murdering infants or unborn as suggested by a Kindle ebook, Exodus 2.

Who is the king of the north?
Ezekiel 26:7 says the “king of Babylon...from the north,” but in the end-time, this isn't about a city in Iraq. It's about spiritual Babylon in Revelation 17 where the imagery only fits the papacy. Note the clues:

Verse 1: “A great whore sits on many waters,” but waters “are peoples, multitudes, nations” in verse 15.
Verse 2: “with whom the kings of earth have committed fornication” Rome is in bed with governments.”
She historically used and abused governments to persecute “heretics” (those who protest false doctrine).
Verse 3: “a woman sits upon a...beast” The church (Pope) will ride and guide the New World Order.
Verse 4: “Arrayed in purple and scarlet” (color of cardinals), decked with gold (wealthy church)
Verse 5: “Babylon...Mother of Harlots and Abominations” Rome is known as the Mother Church, but she also arranged for Khadijah to mentor young Mohammed as shown by “The Prophet” (linked below published by Chick Publications. If that's not enough, Rome also strategized with Hitler, signing a concordat that if he won the war, the world would be Catholic, also linked below.
Verse 6: “Drunken with the blood of saints” Conservative historians estimate 50-100 million Protestants died in the Dark Ages when governments enforced the religion of Rome until Napoleon took the pope prisoner. The pope died in exile. It was the “deadly wound” that healed (Rev 13:3) when Mussolini re-established the papacy in the Vatican in 1929.
Verse 9: “Seven mountains on which the woman sits.” Rome is known as a city of seven hills.

But this is not about hating Catholics, many of whom are as good as many Protestants. This is about a system that sets a pope up as God--one of his titles is “Lord God the Pope.” (Google) While we should forgive others who wrong us, the Bible does not give a priest the authority to forgive sin. The priesthood is riddled with homosexuals (according to a homeless alcoholic priest I took home from the emergency room) and pedophiles—a serious disparity of claim and reality!

Forgiveness and salvation are from God and based on repentance, even as Peter said in Acts 2:38, but Peter was married and could not have been the first pope, Matthew 8:14. The church is not authentic as claimed.

“Call no man father,” Matthew 23:9. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to pray to dead saints. We are to pray to God as Christ said in His famous sermon on the mount, Matthew 6:9. He also said, “use not vain repetition as the heathen do,” verse 7.

Returning to the issue of how the king of the north overflows the king of the south, a Catholic couple was asked why they were moving to Montana. “Because the priest told us to” was their response. This sheds some light on leaders in Washington DC surrounded by Mary land. Obama is a most effective puppet for the New World Order and the rapid changes taking America down; it will never be the same.

God loves Catholic people as He loves everyone. That's why there's a call out of Babylon in Revelation 18:2-4, and it will include more than false religion. It's about all false systems, including government--the New World Order with the pope in charge, systems of medicine that use drugs to cure symptoms because and public education that teaches sex education, including safe anal sex (Google it, 5th graders in Illinois) is an abomination.

For a better understanding of how the Vatican (a word that means divining serpent in Latin) is “Mother of Abominations,” visit and

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