Think about it. Children are close to their parents. The younger they are, the closer they are, not only emotionally, but they are prone to stay close physically as well.

As they age, most children separate themselves more and more from their parents, both physically and emotionally. This is a necessary and natural part of their maturing. They become independent and no longer rely upon their parents for sustenance or much of anything else, except, perhaps, emotional support. This is a "normal" part of the process of life in the flesh.

However, if we are to mature spiritually—grow with God—just the opposite kind of growth is required. The more you mature spiritually, the closer you must grow to, and stay with, the Lord. This is vital to experience effectiveness in prayer and exercise the power and dominion that is rightfully ours as children of the King! To do anything less is to shortchange both the Lord and ourselves.

Many non-believers somehow have the impression that believers lean on God so much that He becomes a crutch to abnegate their responsibility for themselves so that they can live a cushy life. I am not denying that many do that, both to their detriment and the detriment of the body of Christ as a whole.

But that is not the way of a true follower of Jesus!

After a person has become a Christian, to follow Christ requires growth, not stagnation. And in order for one to grow, not only is Bible reading required, but Bible study, which is quite different. Bible reading makes an impression; Bible study makes an impact!

Christian growth requires dedication of time. We feed our physical bodies three times a day (at least), while many of us feed our spiritual counterparts on snacks once or twice a week usually. Anyone serious about growing in God has to develop a real hunger to know Him and be close to Him.

You do not have to be concerned with the fact that you may not read very well or that you may not have had a good education. The Holy Spirit of God will lead, guide, and teach you everything you should know as you open yourself to receive. The Bible says to "study to show yourself approved," and that "you need not that any man should teach you."

The fact is that "higher" education ruins many because of its fleshly influence. Remember, the 12 original disciples were not educated men, but most were common laborers, and Jesus chose them, rather than those who were much more "educated."

When I first became a Christian, I tried with all my might to understand the Bible with my intellect, and I can tell you that it did not work! I had to learn that the Bible and the things of the Lord are understood with the heart, and once I opened myself to receive through that channel, my spiritual life blossomed into a thing of beauty. That can happen for anyone, but you have to acquire a strong desire for it first.

Everyone begins in kindergarten. How quickly you pass from grade to grade depends on how much time you spend studying. But once you have experienced the Presence of the Lord, you are well on your way to enjoying the beauty of your own spiritual garden, and the wonderful thing is, you can do this every day of your life!

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