Summary: All the Protestant reformers saw the papacy as the “little horn” power claiming the title of God while persecuting the saints and changing the Commandments, Daniel 7:25. In Revelation 13, we see the beast [political cartoon] as an amalgamation of a lion, bear, leopard and dragon representing the papacy as it assimilated the customs and paganism of Babylon, Persia, Grecia and Rome that it outlived. The beast had a wound that healed and the world worships the beast. Like it or not, we will all participate, going along with New World Order (pope, link below), or face extinction, Rev 13:17

A great crisis is building. Nations around the world have embraced faulty laws, phony money, and immoral lifestyles as okay alternatives. The media have sold out to commercial interests and the voice of reform is not wanted.

Nevertheless, the Bible is still the best-seller and we do well to understand what it says for our time because more wars have been found due to religion than all other causes. And in the middle of it is the papacy, from the days of the Crusades that tried to gain the “Holy Land” for the pope to move there as foretold he will do in the end-time, Daniel 11:45.

Five verses earlier shows the papal conquest of America “at the time of the end” as it “overflows” (our southern border with millions illegal immigrants who will vote what the priest tells them), Dan 11:40.

The reason it's about the papacy is that the “king of the north” is the king of Babylon (Ezekiel 26:7) and in the time of the end, it's not about a city in Iraq, but spiritual Babylon with half a dozen clues in Revelation 17: a harlot involved with kings and governments is decked with gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals), drunken with the blood of saints (killed 50-100 million in medieval times when it had support of governments) and is “Mother of Abomination” as it was behind the Crusades, World War I and II.

Revelation 13 shows the deadly wound of the Protestant Reformation heals as the US [2nd lamb-like beast of Rev 13:11] makes an image (look-alike) to the previous papal beast. The image is New World Order that will be like the Old World Order run by the United Nations that are mostly catholic (little “c” means universal—go along to get along) but this country will lead the way with the pope's agenda in a loss of freedom and a willing control by the UN to mark everyone (better than plastic that can be stolen or money that can be counterfeited, but they will control you and your bank account so you can't buy or sell without an embedded chip? Rev 13:14-17 coming soon!

In the pope's appeal [ ] he uses the same words as Revelation 13--"Division is a wound in the body of the church of Christ and we do not want this wound to remain open." He seeks a healing of the wound, but Christ said, “I came not to bring peace, but a sword,” Matthew 10:34. Christ does not want us to unite with the world or pagan customs in a New World Order as the plagues will fall on those who accept the mark of compliance to the pope, Revelation 14:9,10. That's the most stern warning in all the Bible and as those times are coming, everyone needs to understand what the Bible says will affect their destiny.

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