Summary: America is repeating Babylon's fall forecast in Daniel, including Obamacare, New World Order, Muslim aggression and defeat. These are seen in Daniel 1,3,8 plus this parallel from Daniel 5.

When asked about the end of the world, the Great Teacher whose life divided BC from AD replied in Matthew 24 that we should understand the book of Daniel. Daniel gives a sweeping history naming Grecia hundreds of years before Alexander's time and with imagery of the Roman Empire and the “little horn” that grew out of it to represent the papacy as it persecuted saints, changed Bible “times and laws” while speaking “great words” against the Most High in Daniel 7.

“Dan-i-el” means Judge is God and his book shows God as his deliverer, like the book of Judges where Gideon with 300 men defeated the Midianites with 100,000 in a way that God received the glory. Daniel's book implies that we also may be delivered by choosing the Bible as our guide in life. The Spanish word for library is biblioteca—Bible tech! If we are familiar with the Bible, it's like a library of wise counsel.

In his 1st chapter, Daniel risked death re the king's 'healthcare' when he declined the king's meat, wine and dainties in preference for foods that fit the biblical guidelines. The parallel today is Obamacare forced on all, but it's about prescription drugs as adverse drug reactions make medical care a leading cause of death.

In the 3rd chapter, Daniel's friends faced death when the king built an image representing his empire and summoned all to bow to it. This is further explained in the 13th chapter of Revelation where the US causes the world to make an image to the previous beast that early Americans believed was the papacy. Leaders in Washington are cooperating with the papacy to create a UN-New World Order to be led by the pope.

In his 8th chapter, Daniel sees a ram pushing west into Europe and it angers a goat that breaks its horns—the kings of Media and Persia. But those areas are now Iraq and Iran and Gabriel said the vision is “at the time of the end.” To understand how well the details fit, see

In the 5th chapter, Daniel was made the 3rd ruler of the empire for interpreting the handwriting on the wall on the night that Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians. How did it fall? Cyrus, the Mede, diverted the Euphrates River into a reservoir and marched his army into Babylon by the river gates that were left open when the king had a drunken feast. His profaning the sacred vessels from Jerusalem's temple evoked God's judgment as Daniel explained the writing on the wall: You are weighed in the balances and found wanting.

Daniel told Cyrus that God named him and showed how he would conquer Babylon in Isaiah 45:1, more than a century earlier. Cyrus was so impressed with the evidence that he ended the Jewish captivity and let them return at the end of 70 years as foretold in Jeremiah 25:11.

But the diversion of waters represents people in Revelation 17:15, so that Islam is flowing into the US under the river gate without a battle like the Medes and Persians conquered Babylon.

Ruhling is a retired MD whose time in a psychiatric rotation shows him a parallel for Washington DC now. Schizophrenia means split brain. It occurs when people can't think abstractly to explain that “Don't cry over spilled milk” means don't waste time crying over past mistakes. He says most leaders in Washington can't see how Bible information fits what's happening as they aid the take-down of America in a push for a UN-run global government, a tragic mistake as America becomes a confusion of social customs like Babylon.

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