NLP reframing techniques have been known to have positive influences on anyone! They can make you see beyond what is obvious and can generally encourage you to be a better person. Applying these techniques are also quite easy, as long as you keep an open mind. If you want to learn more, read this article!

NLP Reframing Technique # 1: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.

This is sometimes called labeling. It encourages you to look at a negative (or even disastrous) situation from a positive point of view.

Let's say that you've been working on your essay on human rights when your computer suddenly reboots itself. And of course, as disastrous events usually go, you forgot to save your file. The easiest thing to do at this point would be to succumb to anger, get mad and maybe even break a few things.

But what NLP will encourage you to do is to take the whole thing as a learning experience. Now you know that you must save your word file every now and then, especially if you're working on something very important. Everyday is a learning experience.

NLP Reframing Technique # 2: It's All About The Context.

This method involves changing the context by which you understand a situation, and understanding how the said situation can be of use to you. For example, you've just learned that you have an older stepbrother. Instead of sulking over the whole family drama (you know better than that), think of how cool it is to have someone you can ask advice from or to have someone who can add a little excitement to your otherwise dull life.

NLP Reframing Technique # 3: Content Is Relative.

It's all about perception. One thing can mean another. It all depends on how you see a person, a thing or a situation.

Let's say you're a woman and you have a boyfriend who is too much of a cheapskate to buy you flowers and chocolates. Instead of seeing a cheapskate, see a person who knows that material things aren't the way to a woman's heart. See that this person knows that there are far more important things in life than flowers and chocolates. See that this person would rather shower you with his utmost attention than to let something bought do the talking for him!

NLP reframing techniques can change the way you look at the world and change the way the world looks at you!

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