Facts about liver health

We often oversee the significance of the liver till it starts to affect our health adversely. This organ however plays a significant role in purification, detoxifying and cleansing on a regular basis. Without a healthy liver, one cannot lead a healthy life. Hence maintaining the liver is crucial provided you wish to experience a vibrant health.

When there is a decline in the liver health, you are likely to experience certain symptoms such as headaches, acne, hormone imbalances, sluggishness and fatigue. In our modern toxic society, maintaining a proper liver health is of utmost importance. To help you enjoy a perfect liver health, below are a few natural remedies for liver health. These will work wonders in detoxifying as well as restoring the liver.

Perfect diet plan for healthy liver

A well-balanced, healthy diet is vital for all people irrespective of suffering or not suffering from HIV or hepatitis. A perfect diet for maintaining a healthy liver includes one that is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol and rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Consuming fluids in adequate quantities is also vital. It is suggested to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Many experts are of the opinion that those with liver damage must stay away from undercooked or raw shellfish, preserved or processed foods, vegetables and fruits treated with pesticides, as well as chocolate and caffeine. This is one of the most basic natural remedies for liver health.

As per studies it has been discovered that high intake of vitamin A and D, niacin and iron are likely to be harmful to the liver. In certain cases, those suffering from advanced liver cirrhosis are advised to reduce their intake of protein.

On the other hand, those suffering from HIV disease and hepatitis experience nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting, at times due to side effects from medicines. In such cases it may be beneficial to consume small, frequent snacks or meals instead of 3 large meals daily, and also avoid binging fatty or spicy foods.

Top 3 natural remedies for liver health

  • Lose weight: those who are obese or overweight must reduce their intake of calories daily and increase their physical activity for losing weight. For best results aim in shedding 1-2 pounds weekly. Use stairs instead of lifts or elevators, or walk instead of making short trips in cars.
  • Protect the liver: always stay away from things that are likely to put extra stress on the liver such as avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Control diabetes and lower cholesterol: follow doctor’s guidelines to keep diabetes in control and closely monitor the blood sugar level. A healthy diet, medications and exercise will help in keeping the triglycerides and cholesterol at healthy levels. Controlling diabetes and lowering cholesterol are vital for a healthy liver. This is one of the most vital natural remedies for liver health.

Follow these guidelines for healthy liver function.

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