Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the greatest of US presidents, said, “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” With thousands of Muslims in Iran reported to be converting to Christianity, maybe it’s happening?

A third imam in the US has called for the killing of Jews. Abdullah Khadra, at a mosque in the Raleigh, NC just after Pres. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, cited Muhammad: “At the End of Time, we will fight those Jews until the rocks and the trees will speak: ‘Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me.’”


In Genesis 22 Abraham was tested on his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac. But Muslims say the son was Ishmael. Which is the true holy book?

Daniel 8 is proving the son spared was Isaac; Isaac’s son became Israel (name change) and before Iran can push Israel into the sea, they will be sacrificed as the ram sacrifice they celebrate, based on Genesis 22.

Daniel 8 shows the ram’s horns are broken by a goat’s great horn. In Bible times, horns were used as trumpets. (Trump?)

Islam celebrates the sacrifice that they think spared Ishmael in Al-Adha. It is the 2nd of two holidays Islam celebrates worldwide each year, but if they understood this information, they should see the Bible as the true holy book and convert to Christianity.

Jews could contest the reference to Christianity because there’s nothing in Daniel 8 about it, but God says He declares the end from the beginning and in the book of beginnings, Genesis 22:8, Abraham said “God will provide Himself a lamb.”

The Jews, like the Muslims, fail to see what another Jewish prophet saw– “the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world,” John 1:29.

The lamb was the focus of Jewish ceremonies for 1400 years, but when He died as Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 foretold, and on Passover, the appointed time, they missed it, blindly trusting their leaders as millions do today without questioning.

Destiny depends on our getting it right. Leaders only know what they were taught, and few seem to be doing their own candid investigation that the above considerations offer.

Historians say the Daniel 8 was fulfilled by Alexander the Great conquering the Medes and Persians in the Battle of Arbela in 331 BC.

They overlook verse 17. Gabriel said the vision is at the time of the end. This is half fulfilled again since the horn of Iraq was broken.

Also interesting is that while Trump is linked by the great horn in Daniel 8, the ram was caught by its horns in a Bush in Genesis 22:13.

God has humor–also a sign of intelligence.

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