When I was a younger person, anger and anxiety were my "best friends". I never went anywhere without them.

I did not like how they felt but I also did not like the feeling of being without them because they had become so familiar. It was almost like a void if they weren't present.

My nervous sytem is very sensitive, so it was constantly in a state of overdrive. I lost my temper easily and could not function very well in a situation that required focus.

I constantly went from a state of excessive nervousness where I couldn't sit still to an emotionally crashed state including depression as my body rebelled against the overtaxing of its systems.

Being a relatively intelligent human being with a mind that won't accept what is, I began my journey into finding peace for myself. If I hadn't taken this path, I believe I would either be in jail or dead by now. So I am very thankful for the choice I made.

I poured into books and courses trying to understand what I could do to change my life. I took years of counselling including anger management.

Soon I came to realize that if changes were to be made, they were up to me and it was my choice what I accepted or not.

Here are several keys points for any of you folks that are looking for methods to re-frame your thinking and your life concerning anger and anxiety.

First, learn to recognize when you are starting to move into anger or anxiety. At that time, you need to stop what you are doing. Take time to relax, go for a walk and re-focus your thinking.

Make sure your body is fed. Lots of good food and water. Without these your adrenals can become overwhelmed.

Correct breathing is absolutely essential. Most people do not breathe properly. This cuases toxins to stay in the lungs and get recycled in place of fresh vitalized air. You will know if you are breathing properly if your abdomen is moving when you breathe... all the time (not just when you deep breathe). If your absomen is not moving you are surface breathing using the top part of your lungs. The toxins in the bottom of your lungs need to be cleared by proper breathing.

Have a product like "Rescue Remedy" available at any time. It is a homeopathic remedy that helps to keep you calm.

Learning how to separate yourself from the thoughts and emotions that are provoking the onslaught of anger or anxiety is key.

I have created 2 visualizations that are designed to assist you to manage your mind effectively. These gems will help you to separate the troubling thoughts and emotions from you.

All they require is taking the time to sit quietly and follow along. Here are some short snippets of them. The full visualizations are available for download form the store on my website or the Book Stamp Out Stress with CD can be purchased either on the site or from any book store.

Monty's File #1 (1 Min 30)

Monty's FIle 2 (1 Min 30)

You see, without good mind management you cannot really make good healthy choices. Only by learning to access your body mind through feeling what your body is telling you can you ever learn to train yourself into a life where anger and anxiety are only minimal events rather than the driving forces of your life.

It took me many years to learn and develop these techniques. Now you can have them simply by accessing my visualizations.

I truly hope you benefit from them. Living a more peaceful enriched life is its own reward.

To your best life.


Author's Bio: 

Monty Ritchings is author of Embracing The Blend and Stamp Out Stress, along with several e-books primarily focussed on understanding, developing and maintaining a healthy standard of living.

Monty writes from his personal experience through years of his own personal growth.

for more information please go to MOnty's website: www.montyritchings.com