Most Exciting Features Of PHP 7.4
You may have used PHP as a programming language for a web development project and know the importance of its makeover to keep alive. The world of IT is continuously developing and hence programming technologies must be upgraded with the new features, updates and improvements for continuous success.

With the release of PHP 7.4, everything has changed. It was introduced on the 28th of November 2019. Before we dig deep to the PHP 7.4 features, let us see short basic of PHP.

Php is a general-purpose scripting language meaning lines of codes that automate different tasks of web apps. These days, most of the businesses hire php developers to build a web app for their business. Developers can use server-side scripting abilities of PHP to build great web-apps. Also embedding PHP in HTML is used for web development, web apps, eCommerce apps and database applications. It can connect with different databases like MySQL, Oracle. With PHP one can execute the code from the server-side before it can get to the user’s browser.

Now let us see the new features in PHP 7.4.

Features In PHP 7.4 –
1. Typed properties’ support-
Among all the new features, it is one of the most important updated features in PHP 7.4. In previous versions of PHP, there was no provision to use declaration methods for class variables and properties. But now with PHP 7.4 developers can easily code without creation of getter and setter methods. Because of declaration types (excluding void and callable), developers can use nullable types, int, float, array, string, object, iterable, self, bool and parent. If a developer tries to assign an irrelevant value from the type, he will get a TypeError message. Typed properties allow developers to write code shorter and cleaner. For example,

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