Money magnetism is not just a far-fetched dream. It is, in fact, very real to the select few who know how to harness its power and make good use of it. You too can be part of this small group of people who attract money like honey does to bees!

Are you ready to learn more about money magnetism? Read on!

Money Magnetism Rule # 1: Know Exactly What You Want.

The first rule is to know specifically how much you want. Saying that you want to be rich or that you want to have a lot of money won’t really do you a lot of good. Why? Because the terms you used are so vague they can be interpreted in a number of ways.

The best way to attract money is to know the amount that you want. Say you want an increase in pay. Don’t just think about wanting to get a raise, think about that “500-dollar raise” you’re going to get. You can, of course, modify the amount to whatever you want. Just be as specific as possible.

Money Magnetism Rule # 2: Visualize Your Desires.

Remember that when visualizing, having a very vivid imagination can come quite in handy. If you have trouble concentrating, find a quiet place where you’re sure to have some semblance of peace.

Get into a comfortable position and see yourself living the good life. See yourself being happy and grateful with the fortunes you have amassed.

Other people like to listen to music while visualizing because some songs help them get into their desired state better. You can try that as well. Once you’re fully seated into your vision, let the emotions spring forth. Feel the thrill of buying a luxury car. Feel the happiness over that new designer bag.

Money Magnetism Rule # 3: Take It a Step Further.

At the peak of your vision, imagine yourself sending those feelings into the universe. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just do what feels right.

By sending your feelings over to the universe, you’re basically dictating how you want your life to pan out to it. As unbelievable as it sounds, we do have control over what happens in our life.

Money magnetism has been around for a long time now and yet there are so many people on this planet that are unaware of it. You can also do your part in sharing this powerful information with the rest of the world!

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