I keep hearing from all the gurus out there that I need to make my marketing message about how I help my clients Make More Money! Well guess what? Even though making more money is awesome, (let’s be real here, who doesn’t want more money?) the women who are attracted to my work want something much more valuable than money!

They want Love! Now money can get me a lot of cool things. But as The Beatles most eloquently put it, Money Can’t Buy Me Love!

Most specifically, this work is about connecting with the love inside, the love in your relationship with your Self. I know, it’s sounds all hokey and airy-fairy, but you know what? Without that love it's very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to sustain other loving relationships.

And just to keep the gurus happy, I will include your relationship with your business into the mix. If you don’t have a strong, healthy relationship with your Self, then you will experience struggle in other areas of your life, including your business. You can count on it.

So when you look at all your relationships and how much they fulfill (or drain) you, question the similarities between them and your relationship with your Self. If you’re experiencing challenges in your business, how is it that your relationship with your Self may be blocking you from attracting more clients?

Do you self-sabotage? Do you have negative conversations with your Self? Do you remind yourself on a regular basis all the reasons why you can’t? Do you put your Self down and compare your Self to others?

Hmmm . . . if you treated someone else that way, I wonder how fulfilling that relationship would be? It’s no different in your relationship with your business.

If you make it a habit to play small, doubt your abilities and talk your Self out of new opportunities, you will continue to have a business that underperforms, attracts the wrong clients and mentally and emotionally exhausts you.

Your Assignment

Creating a loving strong connection with your Self is really very easy. Begin with these simple steps and watch the payoff magically unfold.

  1. Forgive your Self ~ Grab your journal and take a moment to grant your Self forgiveness. Release your Self from any guilt you may be holding onto. You do not have permission to beat your Self up about this too!
  2. Identify your needs ~ In a healthy relationship, a good friend would find out how she might be able to support the other. In your relationship with your Self ask often, “What do I need now?” I keep an index card with that exact question in my car. I see it as soon as I turn on the ignition. Most often what I need is a moment to pause and connect inside.
  3. Be gentle with your Self ~ The default for many of us strong, independent women is tough love. We push ourselves harder, take on more and expect to get different results. Consider using kindness, gentleness and compassion with your Self. My mother always said, “You get more with honey, then you do with vinegar.”
  4. Allow for continuous course correction ~ Old habits can be hard to replace. Give your Self a break as you take on this new role in your relationship. If you slip up and self-sabotage, or you catch your Self comparing to what someone else is doing, give your Self an “atta-girl” for your awareness and find something nice to say.

When you decide to create a loving relationship with your Self and you take conscious steps to make it happen, a whole bunch of cool things will unfold.

Through our journey of strengthening our relationship with ourselves I, and many of my clients have experienced greater clarity, confidence and certainty about our business. Ironically, this has led to more ideal clients and yes . . . More Money!

Funny how that works, huh?

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