As children are engaging in mobile activities at a faster pace, it is crucial to guide them for its safe usage for Internet exploration.

Let us have a look at the mobile usage safety for your children. A parent guide has been presented here.

We teach our children how to behave with strangers and keep themselves safe when they are alone and outside the home. Likewise, here comes the time where we are compelled to keep them safe online as the young generation uses the smartphones more.

The children are becoming dependent on a smartphone these days. They use the mobile for research, games, knowledge, school/college apps, social channels, movies, and, more. And, many of these apps have a fee or hidden costs. The hidden costs could be explored only when the apps are used and explored. Apart from the financial burden is cyberbullying and safety concerns.

It’s high time that we implement safety strategies and bring awareness to children regarding the potential dangers of using the Internet.

A few of the significant tips on keeping your children safe online have been mentioned below.

Tips On Teaching Mobile Usage Safety for Your Children:

Create ground rules:
It is necessary to set ground rules before providing the smartphone for children. The screentime, passwords, phone use must be known to you too. Get access to your child’s smartphones so that you can check any suspicious online activity to warn and protect them. The phone or computers must be kept in common family areas so that you can keep an eye over the activities.

Discuss honestly:
It is necessary to provide a simple explanation before denying things. Talk about social media risks, hostile when something unpleasant appears. Instead, ask open-minded questions,

and comfort them so that they inform you whenever they come across disturbing content. Otherwise, they may start concealing things with you.

Refrain from replies to unknown emails:
It is essential to warn the children not to respond to unknown emails, provide the address or phone numbers when asked by the unknown firm online, give feedback of unknown items along with email ids.

Digital citizenship:
Help your child to utilize the technology appropriately or the etiquettes of digital citizenship. Ensure that your child knows whatever they post on social media never gets wiped-off and can be retracted anytime. Moreover, their online activity depicts their personality that may be commented or followed by the colleges, or firms they want to join in future.

Knowledge of online privacy settings:
Teach your child about online privacy settings. Review their accounts and see that they are appropriately set. Teach them how to check profiles, associated friends, details, control who can or cannot see their activities, when to accept friend requests, whom to send requests, and, so forth. Help them make an informed decision.

Parent control Apps:
Most of the apps have parental control settings. Educate yourself to set the parent control for Android or iOS phones, put filters for content controls, channel usage time, screen time, family locator GPS controllers, and more. Manage restrictions and time limits for your children without disturbing their essential online activity.

Installation of safety apps:
It is advised to download a parental monitoring app, which helps the parents to track their child’s activity, which includes location, mobile usage safety, downloaded apps, check-ins for safe arrival, chat with family members, emergency calls, and more. This helps in monitoring the children’s online behavior and thus solves most of the personal safety issues with precautious care.


It is high time that the children are given the freedom to use smartphones as they are useful for the academics. At the same time, it is crucial to educate them on the right usage of smartphones by facilitating the apt environment, guiding them with the screentime, useful apps, and the safety concerns while using the Internet.


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