People struggle to get a job they want to have. Sometimes, they can not succeed in an interview. Sometimes, circumstances beyond their control prevent them from reaching their career goals. And often they simply do everything to succeed and still fail to get a job at the end.

Job of a medical assistant is a perfect choice for someone who dreamed about career of a physician or a nurse, but did not succeeded to obtain his dream job. Many do not succeed in this field, to be honest. There are plenty of applicants on every medical school and just few are chosen to study there.
In some cases, it is nearly impossible to make a cut without a personal endorsement. After all, not everyone is clever enough to graduate from medical school and actively work as a doctor or a nurse.

However, medical assistance is a perfect alternative for these people. You work in hospital, take care of people, follow your inner calling of helping the others. At the same time, you do not need diploma or any extensive knowledge to get this job. All you have to do is to obtain a certification. It is not difficult to get it, especially in the States.

There are two paths in this field of employment. You can either work as a clinical assistant. This person is responsible for both administrative and light medical work. Medical tasks include taking x-rays, performing phlebotomy and other, similarly simple tasks. However, it differs from state to state, so I recommend you to study it in deep, before you decide to apply for the course.
It is actually much easier to get this job when compared to a position of a nurse and one does a very similar job.

Administrative assistant is another alternative. It is perfect for people who are afraid of blood, or do not want to do medical work for any other reasons, but like to work in hospitals.
This employee takes care only for medical records, daily schedule of the physicians and carries out other, purely administrative tasks.

How to get this job?
There are few steps you should take. You should obtain a certification, as a first step. This can be done also distantly, do no need to give a notice to start working on your career change.
Secondly, you should go for a job interview. There are many job offers available for medical assistants all around the country. It should not be a problem for you to localize a right one on the pages of one of the major job boards.
To succeed in an interview is not as easy as to get an invitation, to be honest. Typically, the number of job applicants is quite high.
I definitely suggest you to check some of the specialized websites, where you can find answers to most common medical assistant interview questions.

Once you get a certification, locate an offer, submit an application and succeed in an interview, nothings stays in your way.
It is a time to follow your inner calling and help the patients, being the medical assistant. All people in clinic are equally important. Please, do not forget on it.

Author's Bio: 

I have some experience interviewing in private clinics, for positions of both clinical and administrative assistants. Feel free to check for more information on the topic.