Summary: Pastor Jack Darnall dreamed of a tall black man with short cropped hair and large ears who was well-liked initially, but became a “terrible dictator” as president when Christ came. (Google Jack Darnall's dream) It seemed so unlikely that he told only a few people of his dream in the 1980's before he died. It seems impossible until one considers Christ's coming as a thief or Bridegroom at the beginning of the last seven years. The following insights from Christ's clues in the last half of Matthew 24 support judgment in May and then martial law with the likelihood of no free elections.

Five 'when-then' events in 2015 point to 2016 for the beginning of the end-time “day of the Lord.” The biblical year began with a rare solar eclipse on the equinox and a blood moon on Passover. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord.” (last verses of Joel's second chapter where the Hebrew word for 'before' is paniym--'facing.' 2015's events face 2016. More signs at

When the disciples asked Christ for signs of his return and the end of the world, He replied with a broad picture first, and then He gave seven mini-parables for readiness when the end-times would begin with a sudden event that will be like an overwhelming surprise to most people, starting with the fig tree.

The fig tree event is in the 21st of Matthew. It was the nature of the fig tree in that locality that when it had leaves, it would have fruit. Christ searched the tree that had many leaves, but no fruit. He cursed the tree as it represented the Jewish nation, pretending to have fruits of righteousness, but they were barron and Jerusalem was destroyed.

But the lesson is for end-time as well. America began as a Christian nation and a wonderful Constitution granted freedom to all, but with Kennedy's assassination, every president since then has had a message to play along with plans for a New World Order and they have all cooperated with a shadow government.

Reagan got the message when he was shot and he cooperated with the pope in opening our southern border. He appointed an ambassador to the Vatican, Catholic Supreme Court Justice Scalia, and elevated Rehnquist to Chief Justice with his Catholic view that “the 'wall of separation between church and state' is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proven useless in judging and should be frankly and explicityly abandoned.” Since then it's been downhill for the Constitution as America has a majority of Supreme Court Justices as Catholic and Congress has become catholic (little “c”--universal--going along to get along).

The 2nd example Christ gave was “as the days of Noah” when a sudden event decimated earth's population, something we could expect to bring martial law as the 3rd mini-parable when one is taken, the other left.

That calamity will probably be an earthquake as an initiating event for the end-time, “day of the Lord” as many Old Testament texts support. Paul linked it to when they say 'Peace and safety,' (Iran Nuke Treaty?)

An earthquake also fits the 4th clue by Christ. “If the goodman had known...he would have watched and not suffered his house to be broken.” If we understand that the Greek word for watch is gregoreo, and it means to be awake, it would be unfair of Christ to tell us to watch, without a clue for when, because we can't be awake every night, but Passover was the only night in the year that Israel was to be awake, we just haven't understood those appointed times as designated for future events as Paul said in 2nd of Colossians, v 16,17, and he also linked 'sudden destruction' to Passover as 'travail on a woman,' when Egypt birthed Israel.

Passover was the biblical time for judgment; it's also when Christ replaced the Passover with communion. As He ate the Passover with His disciples, He instituted in its place the service that was to be the memorial of His great sacrifice. This suggests the Christian's celebration of Passover as Paul did with Greek believers in Corinth (1Cor 5:8) and Philippi, Acts 20:6. He said those times were "shadows of things to come," Col 2:16,17.

But Christ said, You don't know the day or hour. What did He mean?

The Greek word for 'know' is eido, and it means to be aware, consider, understand. He was saying, You don't understand and each time He said it, He gave examples that fit Num 9:10,11,* a provision for Passover a month later for persons in a long journey or in contact with a dead body as Noah who buried Methuselah. That name meant, 'at his death, the sending forth of waters.' He died as a sign the Flood was impending. The Flood had Passover timing but in the 2nd spring month.

Again, you don't [understand], 'for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country.' Mat 25. Israelites didn't travel in winter, and if they took a long journey in spring, they couldn't get back for Passover so they were to keep it the 2nd month.* Christ is the Lord who took the long journey and His return for judgment and feast of betrothal must conform to His law in effect till heaven and earth pass.

The above clue may seem like an odd coincidence, but it's more than that. It links the last two parables and is the reason the foolish virgins didn't know when to watch. If they had been watching, they would have realized they were running out of oil. And that parable is linked to the previous evil servant parable in Matthew 24 that ends, “THEN shall the kingdom of heaven be like 10 virgins.”

So the Flood came with 2nd Passover timing like the last three parables, and even the goodman is that way. The only OT reference to 'goodman' in the King James is the 7th of Proverbs where he is on a long journey and comes back at the yom kece—full moon. Passover is on a full moon, but long journey is 2nd Passover, as we saw above.* Even the fig tree supports 2nd Passover 'when summer is nigh.” It's not nigh in April.

Going by the best information that we have, we should celebrate the Lord's Supper on the eve of 2nd Passover--Saturday evening, May 21, and then 'watch' (be awake) as Israel was in Egypt when they ate the lamb, leaving nothing till morning. In our case, we do so spiritually by reviewing the closing scenes of Christ's life to consider what He bore for us. As an aid, we can read the closing chapters of Christ's life in a biography that for many years was most recommended in our Library of Congress, now online, starting here.

The richest promise in the Bible is based on our watching when Christ comes to 'knock.' That 'knock' is an earthquake because it's how the church at Laodicea ended, and that's the only other place Christ knocked.

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