It can be the simplest things which can make your outfit a failure. The smallest accident can be the one that ruins your available wardrobe, or the lack of knowledge on the latest trends. It really isn’t that difficult to dress well and here we’ll show you how.

Dressing well is an aspiration most men have, but nearly all of them feel like it’s not an achievable goal or it’s something they’re going to have to study before they ever get it right. That really isn’t the case though. Getting your wardrobe up to date and your style up to scratch can boil down to ten very simple rules. Stick by this list and you’ll be attracting all the right comments and attention in no time at all.

Get Inspired

First off, it’s good to gain some inspiration from people that are already doing it well. Looking to celebrities really isn’t the only way you can gain inspiration either – in fact, it’s usually the worse way as they have professional stylists, an infinite amount of money and a considerable amount of time to get it right.

You can gain inspiration from your mates, colleagues or random people on the street. Alternatively, you can check out the huge amount of street style sections around the web. Once you find a look you like, it’s just about imitating it. There’s nothing wrong with taking someone else’s style and adapting it in a way that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Know Your Size

When you’ve decided what style you’re going to go for, make sure you know what size and fittings are best to suit your body shape. You could have some of the most on-trend, stylish and expensive clothes on offer but if you’re not getting the fittings right it will ruin your whole look. Figure out if you suit slim fittings in shirts, skinny fittings in jeans and exactly what width and length you take in jeans.You can get the shirt in accordance to your body shape from shirt fabric online shopping.

This can only be done by trying things on and looking at yourself in the mirror. If things are looking too baggy or tight then make the necessary changes to the sizes and fittings. Don’t get skinny jeans just because you think they’re cool – it’s ok if you better suit a slim fitting. Everyone’s shape is different, so our clothes need to reflect that.

Stock Up on Staples

Know what size you are? It’s time to start filling the wardrobe. Start with the basics. A good wardrobe is always built on solid foundations. Stock up on plain crew neck T-shirts, different coloured jeans, an Oxford shirt, a denim shirt, some crew neck jumpers and sweatshirts and you will have everything you need to start a solid casual wardrobe.

For the smarter section of your wardrobe, get yourself some good tailoring. It doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive – there are great options out there that really won’t need you to clear your bank account. Then you just need a good stock of smarter shirts and a decent bit of knitwear. A man can get by with just these bare essentials in his wardrobe, but if you’re looking for a little more personality and a unique style then this is where trend-lead pieces come into play.

Know Your Trends

This is where you need to be a little braver with your outfit choices. Picking up on trends can only really be done with a bit of research. Publications and websites will always create a trend forecast article based on the things they see at the major fashion shows around the globe. We wouldn’t suggest going crazy on trends as they don’t last long and it’s an expensive way to keep your wardrobe up to date. That’s not to say you should be completely ignoring them though.

This year it’s all about workwear, a 70s aesthetic, technical outerwear and wider fittings to your legwear. Pick one or two of these trends – ones you think you could wear the most comfortably – and buy a couple of pieces that you can be included in your outfits. Like I said, you’re gonna have to a bit braver than usual with this, and it may take time for you to get used to this new look.

Smart Shoes

When it comes to taking care of your hooves, you should have at least one pair of smart shoes. This could be a pair of brogues, Derbies or monks. Not only will these match with your tailoring, but you can also pair them with your smarter jeans and your Oxford shirt to nail that smart casual dress code. The great thing about smarter shoes it they’re totally timeless. You could have these for the rest of your life and they’d still look fresh with your suit.

Casual Trainers

If you’ve got the dollar to spare, it’s best to have more than one pair of trainers or plimsolls in your collection. We’d suggest a classic pair of canvas styles like Vans Authentics, Converse Chuck Taylors or Superga 2750s. Not only will these look great with jeans and shorts, the braver men among you could even pair them with some tailoring.

You then want a more robust pair to stand up against any heavier wear and tear you might put them through on the weekend. The sportier silhouettes are what you’re after here and if you want to make sure you’re gonna get the most use out of them, go for monochrome colourways. If you want to make more of a statement then opt for a bolder colour.

Dress for the Occasion

A lot of the time it’s all about nailing the dress code properly. Don’t turn up to a christening in your acid wash jeans, graphic print tee and canvas plimsolls. Think about where you’re going, what others are likely to be wearing and make your outfit choices based on those thoughts. And remember, you can never be over dressed, so always make an effort.

Have a Clear Out

Now you’ve got your wardrobe fully stocked, it’s probably time you had a clear out of the pieces you don’t wear anymore, don’t fit you or have had their day. If you’re pairing your fresh denim with that beer stained T-shirt you like to laze about in, all your effort will go to waste. Forget about the good old days you had with those jeans you now struggle to keep above your backside and let them go. You’ve moved on to better things so it’s time to leave the past behind you. Oh and be a good Samaritan and recycle any clothes you can – charities can always do with donations of your less battered attire.

Finishing Touches

Now you’re ready to make the finishing touches to your look. When it comes to adding accessories, we usually say less is more. Get yourself a decent timepiece – this doesn’t have to cost you hundreds either, but we’d suggest a versatile number that will suit both your formal and casual outfits. If you’re a fan of hats then we’d go for beanies, five panels or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, a bucket. A good stock of large backpacks are always handy, and duffles also are a great all-rounder for the gym, weekends away and the office.

How To Dress Well – The Basics

Find inspiration for your style, be it from influencers or celebrities.

Know what suits your body type, it’ll make a world of difference.

Accessorise your outfit well to add that finishing touch.

Be aware of how to match your footwear to your outfit, the wrong choice could be drastic.

Black and white street style

On That Note

Hopefully, after checking out this guide and following a few of the easy tips we’ve provided, you should be well on your way to being a well-dressed man. It really isn’t that hard and you don’t have to be draped in the latest and most expensive designer gear to look great. It’s simply a combination of having a flexible wardrobe and knowing how to style it into a great outfit.

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