Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI), were contacted by a family in the Chester area in regards to a negative haunt. Reports from the family included foul smells, physical attacks on family members, the feeling of being watched by something, and a concern of some recent medical problems.
From Jackie at CVAPI, “One of our main concerns is that one of the children had been hospitalized and the family, at that point was ready to leave home.” “The family also provided us with a video of their son, that was concerning.” “The investigation itself was interesting.” “The experiences included a piece of our equipment powering on that was still in its case, feeling the bed shake, digital recorders that would skip, and random smells that were very pungent that would disappear as quickly as they came in.” “Video showed a solid hand during our setup that was not human in nature.” “This led us to seek a demonologist for assistance.” “Although there were some nice orbs captured on the location, this appeared to be something more.”
“The Maitland family lives in Chester, Virginia and can be best described as the average American family.” “Sarah is a stay at home Mom, her husband, Toby works as an electrician, and a local football coach, they have 3 children ages, 12, 8, and 3.” “All were having experiences, as well as Sarah’s parents and in-laws.” “They have lived in this home for 3 years, however the experiences were now escalating as physical attacks.”
When CVAPI got to the investigation, the family was no longer staying in the home. This remained true after the investigation until CVAPI could get someone in there to help. CVAPI reached out to Dwayne Claud as they had consulted Dwayne on other cases in the past. From Jackie, “It can be frustrating when you have a family in need and you have done the leg work of putting in 120 hours in 5 days on an investigation, and reach out to demonologist across the country.” “Dwayne has been the only demonologist that has come through for CVAPI.”
We will not reveal everything on this case, as it will air on the Animal Planet this Friday night. Both Jackie, members of CVAPI, and the Maitland family understand that a lot of what was filmed will be cut due to time constrictions of a one-hour series that will feature three cases.
After all was said and done, the family did return to their home moving the children into the master bedroom. In speaking with Sarah, the children are all now back in their rooms as of two weeks ago. She described this as a slow emotional transition. Those nights consisted of Sarah staying in their rooms until 3:00AM or so, playing Xbox until they felt comfortable.
In an interview with Jackie, Sarah said, “The last couple of weeks have been a little weird, I’m not certain if it is paranormal, but we are aware of our surroundings.” When asked how the home felt now she said, “Completely different, it is comfortable and feels like a home again.” Jackie directly asked Sarah why did her and Toby agree to go on television with their story. From Sarah, “To help get the word out there that these cases do actually exist, and how it affects a family.” From Jackie, “Paranormal cases are rare and surface about 1 in 20 cases, but they do exist.” When asked how do the children, Hailey, Haven and Evan feel about being on television, Sarah replied,”They are excited and think it is cool.”
From Sarah Maitland, “Many have commented that they do not believe the paranormal can affect someone medically.” “I feel that it can.” “I do believe that it can affect you in that physical manner.”
Jackie works as a full time psychic and has many experiences as far as how the paranormal can affect your health very quickly. Jackie stated, “This family provided CVAPI with the blood work from the hospital showing elevated levels in all areas that quickly went away with no medical diagnosis.” “In addition, there was a recent custody suit, where the family was able to provide psychiatric evaluations on some of the family members.”
From Jackie, “Television or not, my team hit this case hard with a job well done.” “Together they got the answers and the help the family needed in a matter of days.”
The Maitland family, Jackie and members of CVAPI anxiously await to see how the case will appear on television. This will air on Friday night at 8:00PM and again at 11:00PM on the Animal Planet on a show called “Demon Exorcist” that will follow “The Haunted.”
Sideline Café, located in Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center is a sponsor of CVAPI and will air this on their televisions at 8:00PM with karaoke following at 9:00PM.

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Jackie Tomlin works as a full time psychic and the founder of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations as well as the founder of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.