So it’s almost spring and its time to start planting crops for our summer garden and future harvest. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, our family has been blessed with land. Land that we are to be stewards of. We take our responsibility very seriously. Land that we work physically hard to maintain, and pay for. No subsidies here. Never forget, the global elite are not going to let you have anything for free. Now it appears that the American Government thinks that they can tell farmers what to plant, how to plant, and how they are to grow our food. Multinational corporations are suing farmers for harvesting seeds for future crops, and telling farmers what they can or cannot plant, save, buy, sell or trade. However, it seems to me that we are all seeds in this Republic. Some of us grow in whatever soil we are sown in, and others just wither and die where they are planted.

So when I pulled out my beautiful open pollinated, non genetically modified seeds, I was feeling very optimistic. It was only about 43 degrees outside, but I felt blessed that I am not under condemnation by any one or anything, not even the weather. Now don’t get me wrong, we have way too much debt, even more unfunded liabilities, as well as way too many unknown future issues that we are facing; the corrupt political system, geo-engineered weather modification, water rights, etc. which are being implemented under the cover of darkness, and not transparent as we have been told. These are issues affect everyone.

However closer to home; the roof needs to be replaced, the house needs a complete paint job, and the abominable under ground burrowing creatures, weeds, etc. that are super destructive, are constant worries. The fence is sagging, because as we all know, and apparently so do horses, "the grass is greener on the other side," but is it really? Probably not, but you can’t reason with a horse.

Well you can’t really reason with most people either, especially those who have allowed themselves to wither in the soil in which they have been sown. So as I went to pull out the wooden crate that holds all of my seeds, that I have lovingly stored in the glass baby foods jars that once fed my children, one fell on the concrete and broke. I suppose I could just go to the store and buy a new packet, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It’s not like the $2.50 was going to send us to the poor house, because we are already there. We are all slaves to multinational banks and a government running the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind however, I digress.

So I swept up the glass and seeds in the hope that I could read the writing on the jar to identify the seed. Fortunately I had written the name of the seed not only on the jar, but on the trusty lid. I swept up the mess and saw many little shards of glass mixed in with the tiny seeds. I probably should have just thrown it all in the garbage, because I know that if I was to throw the seeds into the soil, I more than likely would be the one to get cut. I can’t wear gloves when I work in the soil as I need to feel with my hands what I am doing. But I knew if it wasn't me getting cut, someone else might, and that would just be wrong.

I had so many things on my self imposed agenda, and I did not really want to sift through the glass and dirt to save the tiny seeds, so I occupied myself with other things. I hung the Welsh Flag on the barn, as I wanted to honor my humble ancestry. I played with the dog. Checked my Blackberry, etc. After finding a few other things to do, I decided to get back to what my plan was, and that was starting tomato seeds in the greenhouse. Again, I looked at the seeds in the dust pan mixed with all those tiny shards of glass and cringed. What would God think if I just threw the seeds away?

So I sifted the seeds, one small palm-full at a time. It was painstaking, annoying, and redundant, but then it dawned on me, each one of these beautiful little seeds is a bunch of spinach just dying to be planted. Each one of these seeds has in its nucleus a job to do. It reminded me of how good God is, and no member of the human race could have ever been ingenious enough to create such a miraculous thing. So who owns these seeds, the Multinational Corporation because they have modified it or God, the Creator of all that is good in the Universe? This uber tiny seed can feed me and my family, while providing nutrients that our body needs and it tastes delicious just the way it is. If it’s lucky it will be able to reproduce and make hundreds more seeds to be planted in the future. That is of course if it has not been corrupted. It knows nothing more that what its job is, and that is to grow into a beautiful, nutrient rich vegetable.

I realized it is the same with people. We can and should be able to bear good fruit. Fruit that is in-corruptible and nutrient filled, but are we? I could have just thrown out the seeds because they had been corrupted by the little shards of glass but I didn’t and I couldn’t. I think that God would have been disappointed if I had chosen to ignore what the seed represented, and that is the full glory of it’s life. These seeds were provided to me by the master gardener, God himself.

We all have little shards of glass in our lives. Some more than others. There are too many of us who are delusional enough to think that we are perfect just the way we are. Perhaps we were at one time, but not anymore. However we could be again if we just admitted to our little shards of glass. When we see injustice, and do nothing, we are little shards of glass in humanity. When we see that God has been sent to the deepest recesses of most people minds, and we have allowed other people egos to dictate out steps, we have little shards of glass in our souls. When we allow our children to worship at the alter of pop-stars, athletes, two faced, double standard politicians, we allow little glass shards into their consciousness. When we allow public education indoctrination to continue to dilute history, dictate morals and promote lasciviousness, we have allowed little shards of glass to corrupt their minds. When we allow labels, hatred and violence as part of our daily walk, we have allowed little shards of glass to pierce our hearts.

Many of us have been sown into rocky soil, lacking any nutrients, and there we stay. Some are lucky to have staff, who will cultivate rich hummus, and sometimes they are sheltered from the little shards of glass. However most of us will have to cultivate our own soil, remove the rocks, find the correct nutrients, and plant ourselves where we are. Sure their might be weeds, and possibly little shards of glass that we must remove, individually, and not collectively, so that we can flourish where we are.

Each of us is a little seed in the mind of God. He knows each of us intimately, but can only help if we invite him in. We must accept a personal relationship with his image in the manifestation of Jesus Christ, harness and accept the power of the Holy Spirit, to help us grow into the beautiful plants that we were meant to be. Religion is not going to sustain us, but a personal relationship with the Divine Maker of all, that is good can, if we just let it.

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed…nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20

Author's Bio: 

Sheri Combs Lantz, Author of several self published books. I am the queen of questioning the question. I am a sinner not a saint. I am the mother of 3 children ranging in age from 29-11. I am a wife, organic farmer, self reliant "prepper," avid equestrian, friend, reformed liberal, a proud American trying to live the jaded American dream but most importantly A Practical Girl.