Today I received a wonderful testimonial from Jennifer about how controlling her Drunk Monkey positively impacted her marriage.

“I am writing this to anyone interested in creating a relationship beyond your wildest dreams & the affect of working with Matthew Ferry has had for our family –in particular in the area of relationship. My husband and I took the relationship course offered by Matthew and it has transformed the way we think, the way we are, what we create together, and the connection we have with each other and with our children.

When we started the course I blamed my husband for everything. I saw him as someone who if he did this than I would be happy. Not a real powerful place to stand from. It was after taking this course that I realized the power I have to create or destroy my own happiness and how I had been a victim in life and with my husband. I had an attitude of superiority, anger, it was as if my husband was walking around with a target on him at all times and I was just looking for the next thing he did to me or not the way that I wanted. After taking this course it became very clear that I was creating this scenario to play in to the cycle I had lived my entire life…of not being worthy, of being a victim. Having this as the general pattern running my life gave me the excuse to make others wrong & from that standpoint I would never have to be responsible for my actions or the life I was creating.

Since taking this course there have been moments where I will fall back and realize very quickly that I am responsible –and I will ask myself-what can I do to create something different that serves our happiness & the happiness of our family. I realized in taking this course that clearly when we are happy in life everything around us is good. Having the power to create your own happiness makes life enchanting, engaging, and one worth living.

Our family recently moved to an area we have been talking about relocating to for the last 5 years, have our third boy on the way and are co-creating for the first time in our life together. What we share together is honest, pure, and the life we have always wanted…This class and work with Matthew has left both of us empowered and for the first time we are life partners supporting and loving each other.

In one sentence…Working with Matthew has given us the gift of co-creating a life and love that is unconditional and with out limits.

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