Visualizing has been taken out of context.
The many great men and women who told us about visualizing produced spectacular results. Taken out of context people began to assume that if you visualize, then you will get those results too. Not true.
Visualizing is the beginning of the creation process but it is not a magic answer. When mega producers, elite athletes, and genius’ of the past have espoused the power of visualizing, they included it as a part of their process. Not the whole process. It’s the beginning of something you are going to create. Everything begins in the mind. Thoughts DO become things if you do the work to bring them into existence.
Little things like butter flies and parking spaces are easy to manifest, just visualize.
The universe is a creative place. To prove this to yourself, visualize a blue butterfly right now and then notice how you start seeing butter flies everywhere in the next couple days.
Manifesting major stuff like one million dollars takes a full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual alignment. Yes, some have visualized a million bucks and it happened by winning the lottery, but it’s not replicable. Odds are not in your favor. Brilliant men and women of the past have showed us that visualizing the end result combined with doing the work, stacks the odds in your favor.
You ever try to visualize a million bucks? I know I have. Did it drop in my lap the very next week? No! It took 15 years to understand my relationship to the world in such a way that I could harvest millions of dollars from my existence here on Earth. But first I had to see it in my mind. If I didn’t do that part, I never would have done the work to make it happen. Everything that has ever come to be via human hands started in the mind.
Visualizing is just one aspect of the the creation process

It’s the first of many steps. When Michael Angelo envisioned the David he didn’t expect it to spring out of the granite all by itself. He knew that his vision was of the end game and his job was to discover the process and implement it. If you are not a skilled sculptor, then manifesting your vision is going to be tough. Not impossible. In your life, if you can see it, you can create it. There is no magic to this.
Many people believe that visualizing outcomes, that you have no expertise in, will cause the outcome to occur regardless of your relationship to it. Not true. If you have a vision for a new business, there will be a lot more to it then just visualizing it. To see it clearly in your mind will simply lead you on a journey of discovering the process of manifesting your vision. You will begin to understand the beliefs, skills, disciplines, systems, procedures, relationships, and support structures necessary to manifest your vision. Depending on how close you are, it could take 1 day or a life time.
The mistake is believing that visualizing will replace the process of learning, growing, implementing, failing, trial and error, and building.

So what do you do if where you are today is not even close to where you want to be? You must manifest the right people, teachers, process, understanding and systems. For that, I’ve developed an eight step process that works great.

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