life coach businesses are thriving

While many businesses have been struggling during the pandemic, Life Coaching has been thriving. There has been a huge demand right now for Life Coaching services. Companies that train coaches sometimes don’t have room for all the students that want to get trained to become a Life Coach.

Why is Coaching Booming right now?

1)The Three C’s - Changes, Challenges, and Crisis
If ever there has been a time of change this is it. For over a year now everyone’s life has changed in some way. Some people now work from home as compared to going to an office every day. Many people are now homeschooling their children or taking their kids to school part-time. Many have been laid off or had their workload increased. Many of us know someone who has died from covid or someone who has worked on the frontline under difficult circumstances. All of our lives have been impacted during this time.

Life Coaches are extremely helpful during a time of change, challenge, and crisis. A Life Coach helps someone navigate those changes, find ways to overcome those challenges and cope with crisis. A Life Coach is a listening ear but also guides the client to come up with creative solutions to problems, make peace with their current life circumstance, and move forward with their goals.

2) Difficulties in relationships flared up and had to be dealt with.
Being at home and being around people 24/7 brought up issues/ conflicts and differences between people. Values, priorities, lifestyle were all in question. What is really most important and who is really most important.

While a Life or Relationship Coach is not a Relationship Therapist a Coach can still help clients determine new ways to improve their relationships, address conflict in a more constructive way, and practice effective communication skills.

3) This is time to grow as a person.
One of the opportunities this time presents is to question yourself, your life and where you are headed.
Here are some questions people are asking themselves:

  • What’s really important to me?
  • What is my life really about?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What kind of work do I really want to do?
  • How can I see this time as an opportunity?
  • How can I grow through this difficult time?
  • What is the new life I want to create for myself?

Life Coaches help answer all the questions above and more. The opportunity during this time then is to grow, shift perspective, focus on priorities and create a truly happy life.

4) It’s time to have fun.
People are wary after being inside and isolated for so long. As things open up and our “regular” life returns we are now eager to create that life we’ve been dreaming of. We want to spend time with those we care most about. We want to get back on track with our lives and get going with those things that have really been calling to us. Perhaps it’s discovering a new line of work, traveling, making time for connections, our long list of projects or fun activities we’d like to do.

Life Coaches help take people from where they are to where they want to be. While people often dream about the life they want, a coach expedites the process, helps the client chart out the next steps and holds the client accountable to achieve that life.

5) It’s time to contribute to other people
In the worst of times sometimes people’s best self comes forward. The part of us that is kind, loving, giving to others often emerges and we truly want to help others. Life Coaching becomes a valuable way to positively contribute and make a difference.

Many people have heard the call to help others. Other people often come to them already for advise and suggestions. They have known for a long time they were supposed to be instrumental in the lives of others.
Now in this time of great change people are finally listening to the call. Many people are becoming Life Coaches and engaging in schooling to learn their craft.

There are many ways to contribute and benefit society. What are you being called to do?

Author's Bio: 

Fern Gorin, P.C.C. is Founder and Director of Life Purpose Institute, a Life Coach Training Company.. She has coached successfully since 1984 and seen the coaching industry boom since that time.