Solomon said, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23. Today we might say, “Be careful what you want to believe--it can affect your destiny.”

Darwin was reared to believe in God and the Bible, but he had a change of heart after his only daughter, (Annie, 10 years old) died. Darwin could not explain how life began or how it was modified, but the similarity between man and apes let him believe that fossil records would later show “missing links” between the species.

But it’s been 170+ years since Darwin’s early “Origin of the Species” and science has not discovered the proof that Darwin would wish for. And while his hypothesis begs more time from those hopeful that he is right, other branches of science offer contrary considerations.

#1. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says the energy systems of the universe tend to run down unless acted up by some outside force. It’s like saying the sun will burn out, and this doesn’t begin to answer where the sun came from or how it got ignited. Science is unable to address many questions on origins.

#2. This brings us to a huge question of how life began. Famed atheist, Antony Flew, when confronted with the complexity of the DNA molecule, admitted that it could not have been by chance, and he came to believe in God.

#3. In contrast to Darwin’s hope for missing links in the fossil record, archeologists are continually finding evidence that supports the biblical record back to Abraham’s ancestry and a Map of Human Migration shows a point in the Middle East where the dispersion of the race occurred after the Flood from three sets of DNA--Noah’s three sons?--time estimate in article is just a guess,

Pascal, a scientist and philosopher, said we are betting our lives, either on the existence of God or that He does not exist. Pascal said, At the end of life, if the Christian is wrong and God does not exist, he loses nothing, but if the atheist is wrong and God does exist, the atheist loses everything.

Belief is positive; unbelief is negative, along with doubts, fears and worries. Why not live life expecting the best and asking God for it. This includes reading the Bible to have a better understanding of His plan because it is increasingly clear that man’s plans for the planet are a disaster.

This includes everything from chemtrails in the sky to genetically modified foods and the depopulation to half a billion as the 1st goal of the Georgia Guidestones. We should take courage from God’s intent to “destroy them that destroy the earth.” Revelation 11:18.

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Richard Ruhling is a physician who sees health as a result of obedience to natural laws, happiness as a result of obedience to moral laws, and destiny from a choice to live in thanks to God for our short time of probation here to see if we will honor Him with more time later