Ok, recently I mentioned the importance of starting to learn a new language slow, meaning to take your time.

I also mentioned that most language courses of today try to entice you with all sorts of pointless technology.They try to entice you with voice recognition software, pictures, videos, and some other rubbish you don't really need.These teachers and courses expect you to be reading, speaking and writing all at once.I have an article from my book collection which sums up the challenge of trying to take on too much too soon.

'A child learns to use language in very limited functions at first, needing time to get a number of things under control.Then, as need is felt to meet broader and more demanding functions, the child gradually extends its repertoire and its skills.

Adults are impatient to take on all the functions of language use at once.The result is they become overburdened.They struggle with the demands of a full-blown language to meet social conditions they're not ready to meet.

The answer may be for adults to take satisfaction in their use of their new language at first for very elementary functions.Examples include the learning of monologues and hearing, telling stories.

The skills involved in such less demanding communication functions should be mastered.They can then proceed to the more demanding functions of two-way communication.'

Well I wouldn't have explained it quite like the above but you see the main idea of the paragraph.

Open up the child in you.Start at the very beginning.The courses today overburden adults with too much too soon.

What do you value most from a new language?
For me the value is in speaking and reading.There are a few people who value writing a new language.Writing a new language does not qualify in my opinion, does not belong to the heart of this article which is to learn a new language fast.

Wait a minute. I can see you reading this thinking that this sounds like I am contradicting myself. Here you are reading this because you want to learn how to 'learn a foreign language fast'. In fact the title of my language learning blog is 'fast foreign language learning.' And here I am telling you to take things slow, to take your time.
The point I am stressing here in not to confuse accuracy with speed. You must take your time initially to make sure that you are pronouncing new letters and words correctly. Accurate pronunciation is vital to building self confidence.Only when you have acquired that all important confidence you can speed things up.

Writing a new language takes a long time.It's a slow way to learn.Furthermore, when you attend a foreign language school which includes writing in its modules, (the majority do) it's very expensive.

Do you like stories? I love stories, especially stories which make me think.Is this the same for you too? Then tune in next week as I will show to you the key to rapid language learning. It is a learning technique called the Diglot Weave Narratives.It's killer stuff, don't miss it.

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Carl Jeremy is publisher of How To Master Any Foreign Language .The manual explains why most language courses fail to make learners into confident speakers, followed by a step by step programme on how to master a new language. He uses the techniques outlined in the manuals to teach French and spanish to learners who desire to become confident speakers. For details visit http://www.foreignlanguagemaster.webs.com