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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Thousands of millions of people are putting in their heart and soul to learn English these days. Each tutor teaches differently, each student learns differently. We, at engtuto.com, do not discard the fact that learning English Grammar is essential to learn English, but at the same time we believe that no native speaker of any language has had to learn grammar of his/her native language. So, we believe that learning Grammar is of as much importance as practicing the language.

Ask yourself if you ever felt the need to learn the grammar of your mother tongue? If not, then how come you speak your native language so confidently and so fluently. It’s probably because of the fact that you were raised in the atmosphere wherein your native language was one of the most used languages to communicate; which means you learnt your native language by practice not by literally learning.

In order to learn any foreign language, learning grammar does not suffice, one has to have an atmosphere wherein most of the communication happens in the language you want to learn. Is it practically feasible? if yes, great! If not, you must try things listed below to learn English. We are sure it will work for you.


Grammar is the system of a language. Grammar of any language is not as complex as we think of it. Engtuto.com is a complete English grammar guide. Each grammatical rule is explained with several examples, and at the end of each chapter we have some interesting tests to make you iron out the essence of each chapter….MORE…

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If you want to get rid of translating your thoughts from your native language to English, you have to start thinking in English. Once you get habituated to think in English, rest of the learning is a cake walk….MORE


It is essential to know idioms of the respective language for sounding Like a Native. No matter how much time you spend learning the grammar, the rules, or enhancing your vocabulary, you are not going to have a strong mastery in the language until you learn things from the real world. In real world, in English language, idioms and phrases are used quite often. So if you’re really serious about learning English well, your major area of concern should be learning idioms, because they’re used a lot in conversational native English speech. The biggest problem with learning idiom is that one cannot deduce the meaning of idiom despite knowing the meaning of each word the idiom consist. So, it is very important to know that almost all idioms are based on some analogy or metaphor, so one has to understand the subtext. You must spend some time focusing on English idioms to have a command in English language. MORE


The best thing about reading novels is that you create a world of your own and you picture things from your point of view. In just one novel you will come across many different settings, different situations, different characters, etc. You will get to learn what to speak colloquially if you are in same situation as one of the characters of the novel you read…MORE
Singing along to English songs will help you become more fluent. There are unlimited number of songs with lyrics on youtube and many other websites. All you have to do is the sing along and sing loud. Let the world know that you can sing in English too :)…MORE


Watching movies can be a very handy tool to learn English. A movie is a journey of many character from a certain point to a certain point. So, in just one movie you will come across many different settings, different emotions, different situations, different characters, etc. You will get to learn what to speak colloquially if you are in same situation as one of the characters of the movie you watch...MORE


One of the best ways to learn English is to read English as much as possible. Newspapers is s a great source of learning language as it has variety of material for variety of people especially for students i.e., sports column, education column, cultural activities column, historical and geographical columns as well. The language used in newspaper is day to day language with all idiomatic expressions of that culture, which is not found in textbooks. The real life events arouse one’s curiosity and they not only provide knowledge, but give a practical way of indulging students in learning language...MORE


Watching debates can help English learners practice a wide range of functions including agreeing and disagreeing, negotiating, collaboration with others and so on. While watching any debate you must be on one side, and within you must think of counter statements constantly…MORE


Whenever you’re at home (or alone somewhere else) you can practice your English speaking to yourself in a mirror. Think in English, try speaking your thoughts out loud, have a debate with yourself right in front of a mirror looking at yourself. Just the act of speaking out loud will help you become more comfortable speaking English...MORE


One of the best ways to test how well your spoken English has developed is to narrate stories to your folks. Pick a story that you know by heart and translate it into English first of all for yourself and then narrate the same story to as many people as possible. While narrating the story your focus should be on your expressions and fluency, not on being grammatically correct….MORE


Being colloquial is the most neglected segment by English Learners. Like everything else, the English language is evolving too with each passing day. With the emergence of Social Network, the style of communication has taken a big shift. These days, you would hardly find anyone who does not use shorthand language or slang. Use of abbreviation has taken a giant leap….MORE


The purpose of having a good vocabulary is not to use complicated, arcane or fancy words to impress people, or to sound smart. In order to be effective, communication has to be simple yet precise. When you have a good vocabulary, you have a choice to use the word that communicates your thought to the point....MORE

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