As we go along our sales lead generation campaign, we will encounter stumbling blocks that will affect our business performance. Among these challenges is the ever-changing buying behavior of business prospects. Not knowing the latest trends or habits of people we want to get in touch with can affect our capabilities in generating sales leads. These days, getting B2B leads is no longer about offering the best product or service. Quality is no longer the gold standard in capturing a portion of the market; it is much more than that. For you to catch a prospect’s attention, you also have to offer everything else in between. How you do it will determine whether you clinch a deal or not.

In the past, if we want to be assured of getting quality B2B leads, we focus a lot of attention in improving what we offer. Often times, we would spend a lot of our energy, money, and research in improving our product line. It did get us a lot of sales leads – in the past. But that is not the case at present. As a marketing professor in college once said, “The product is not everything; we must constantly delight and surprise our customers”. All the little details that go along with our offer can make or break our sales operation. This focus on presentation and appearance could perhaps best explain why the late Steve Jobs was able to make Apple, Inc. the business powerhouse it is today. From the curves of his electronic gadgets to the packaging, Jobs made sure that it is appealing to the eyes of the buying public.

Aside from appearances, the level of customer service provided by your company also plays a key role. It matters not if you have the most advanced product or service, if you cannot provide a level of customer service so desired by prospects at present. In other words, you have to be constantly in touch with your market, ready to answer every concern raised about your offer. You will have to employ a variety of communication tools in order to monitor what is going in. Emails, forums, social media and even telemarketing all play a key role in providing your customers and prospects a level of assurance that you will be there for them even after purchase.

It will also pay to be proactive in anticipating customer concerns. In case you are certain that an issue or problem will be affecting a large number of people, it is best that you take the first step and contact them. You can do it through social media channels, an email blast, or a little old-fashioned telemarketing. It is necessary to assure your customers that you are on top of the situation and are taking steps to address the problems. You may have a reputation of product quality, but customers do not really put a lot of value to it anymore. What matters to them is whether they can get in touch with you quickly or not.

This is the challenge for today’s lead generation and appointment setting work. Can you handle it?

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