Women are the fastest growing sector of business in the US today and
women entrepreneurs are also wealth creators if they don’t sabotage their own success! And yet, so many women entrepreneurs miss the boat because of their mindset and lack of knowledge about money.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Whatever business or life you have, you really can be wealthy and successful if you learn how to handle money the right way and of course have the right kind of mind power. Those two things plus goals, plans and action will take you to heights you might never have dreamed of and will empower you to think bigger and achieve even more so you can build your legacy to the world.

Last night CBS2 ran an interview they did a few weeks ago with my Son, Neil Palache who is a certified woman’s money coach and holds monthly women’s money forums in and around the Los Angeles area, soon to be national.

We both work with women. However there’s a big difference between his expertise and mine.

Neil teaches women how to handle money. Whether personal or business he only works with single, divorced and widowed women mainly because they often have the most challenges when dealing with their finances. He works with them by creating personal plans so they can get out of debt, know what to do with money for their future and create realistic budgets so they go from chaos to calm.

I’m a certified mindset and business coach who teaches women entrepreneurs how to overcome fear and stop procrastinating, how to set achievable goals, create plans, understand the words profit and loss statement and give them the support they need to create wealth through building a business.

Our businesses are not connected yet we have both chosen to work with women!

Women were often taught to think very differently than men about making and handling money and often as women get older they still have no idea how to handle money.

If there had been a money coach around when I got divorced 25 years ago, it probably would have stopped me from getting into debt and always worrying about money. At that time Neil was becoming a successful licensed financial planner and already had lots of experience dealing with money. Until he got disenchanted with the fact that often women are hopeless with money.

My lack of knowledge at that time finally led me to my passion of teaching women how to empower themselves so they could create wealth. Neil’s passion for working with women was borne out of seeing so many women having challenges because they didn’t understand money.

Please don’t deny yourselves the opportunity to be as great as you are just because you are afraid of not having enough money. If you would like more
Details about money and forums check out the interview. www.CBS2.com click on Quick link then click seen on TV and scroll down to taxing. Or, of course you can check out his website at www.thewealthcreatorcompany.com

If you can take 2 minutes we’d both love to have your input on this topic.

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Hazel Palache is a certified results coach, speaker and best selling author as well as a certified NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to master their mindset in order to claim ultimate wealth while building a business. She brings 25 plus years experience in the fields of personal development, psychology, spirituality and business. If you enjoyed this article you will love the content in our free 6 lesson e-course at: http://www.YourStairwaytoWealth.com