Ovarian cancer refers to cancerous growth in the cells of the ovary.This type of cancer mostly occurs in the outer lining or epithelium of the ovary. The ovaries are important parts of the female reproductive system, as they produce the oocytes or eggs, in addition to producing the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Although ovarian cancer is not common, it causes the most number of cancer related deaths in females.

Like all cancers, ovarian cancer is easier to treat if found early. But here’s the catch, ovarian cancer is hard to detect and any symptoms one might have become obvious only after the disease has reached an advanced stage. For this reason, doctors advise women to go for regular check-ups to their doctor or healthcare professional, as prevention is better than cure, as someone rightly said. Having said that, knowing the symptoms of the disease is a way you can empower yourself with knowledge. Here are the symptoms:

• A heavy feeling or pain in the pelvis
• Pain in the lower abdomen
• Bleeding from the vagina
• Weight gain or loss
• Abnormal periods
• Unexplained back pain (that tends to get worse)
• Gas
• Indigestion
• Heartburn
• Nauseaand vomiting
• Loss of appetite

Knowing the risk factors of a disease is the first step towards its prevention. Risk factors of ovarian cancer include:

Age: Ovarian cancer is most common in women between ages of 50 and 60
Inherited mutation gene: There are certain genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2 (Breast cancer gene1 and gene2), which are known to increase the risk of ovarian cancer
Oestrogen hormone replacement therapy: Women who have undergone this procedure, especially in the long-term, are at higher risk
Age of start and end of menstruation: Women who began menstruating before 12 or underwent menopause after 52, or both, are at higher risk
• Women who’ve never been pregnant are at higher risk
• Women who undergone fertility treatment are at higher risk
Polycystic ovary syndrome: Women who’ve had this condition are at higher risk

If you come under any of the above mentioned risk factors, you can easily predict whether you are likely whether you are likely to have this condition or not. If you do, it is better to consult a doctor, and at least have a check-up for your own benefit.If diagnosed, do not fear, there are top cancer hospitals in India in most metropolitan cities. And these days, there are multi-facility top cancer hospitals in Gurgaon and Patna.There are some women who tend to have surgery to have their ovaries removed even before the possibility of cancer arises, which is called risk-reducing or prophylactic surgery. These are mostly women who are at high risk, and have finished having children.The surgery is performed by a gynaecologist or oncologist surgeon.

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