Adwords are the advertisements in Google search which is displayed at the top and bottom in search results. It appearsin the paid results and the display model is based on pay per click system. In this the advisor pays for each click. When the ads have right quality, high quality content, as matching to the source website, meeting the needs of users, conversions will occur when the ads are displayed in the right places and to those people who are interested in the offer.

Why are adwords necessary?

Several small, medium and large enterprises want to be visible on internet and gain new customers.Those who do not want to wait long for the ads to appear, sponsored link campaigns are best for them. This helps to build a positive image of the brand.The adwords ads in a variety of ways, most popular of which are the text version set a displayed to users in Google search results.

Why are adwords pricing increasing?

There are certain reasons for the increase in adwordspricing which are-

  • Low quality score

If there is less content, there will be low score which will ensure more payment per click.

  • Competitive niche

At times because of competition the prices increase. The big companies often raise the price per click to drive the companies out of market. So it is better to not get in a bidding war.

  • Too many keywords

If there are too many keywords then one have to pay more per click. One can try to break the keywords into more adgroups.

How can one reduce the adwords pricing?

  • Focus on display network

The majority of the sales conversion comes from display network traffic. One can add a variety of display types in all available sizes and watch them perform well in terms of both click through rate and conversion rate.

  • Tightly themed ad groups

This is more effective with display network advertising.

  • Eliminate low score keywords

Keywords with low quality score can really sink an entire campaign.  So if the keywords are not generating conversions, it is better to eliminate those keywords.

  • Drop “squeeze” pages

It is recommended to use a higher quality page that includes full and conspicuous site navigation. This generates higher sales conversion other than the squeeze pages.

How to avoid adwords mistakes?

Few of the adwords mistakes that one can avoid-

  • Target the right keywords

The success of the adwords pricing depends on the selection of right keywords. If one bid on relevant keywords, one will not get clicks and conversion.

  • Broad match

One should use either an exact match or phrase which will allow to target more visitors specifically.

  • One ad group

The keywords should be separated in different ad groups. This will get a better quality score and lower beading price.

  • Unique selling proposition of product

There are many other advertisers beating the same keywords. The protective service must be different from the competitors which can be done by highlighting the unique selling proposition.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.