Given the way things are going in this business, it is only natural that you will meet a lot of competition. This is why it is important you take the necessary steps in keeping them. In the course of your lead generation and appointment setting campaign, you will have to do this. After all, current customers are also your business prospects or leads. Now businesses are not just your source in generating sales leads, you also need to talk to current clients since they might be interested to renew their contract, or maybe try your latest offering. And you need to keep their interest in you. This is especially tricky if you are using telemarketing as your vehicle to carry your message. How will you do that?

  1. Differentiate your business – price is not really the issue with attracting prospects. To be honest, that will be the last thing you should attempt to alter (since everyone else can do that, too). If you have successfully, and positively, differentiated your business, you will be able to attract prospects. In this kind of competitive environment, you need to know how to stand apart in ways other than price.
  2. Be the expert in the business – another way to promote yourself is by being the expert in the industry. If you have some level of expertise that you can share with your clients, they will realize that it will be a good idea to work with you. So, focus on where you are strong at, provide relevant information, and help prospects improve their business.
  3. Make it that replacing you would be very expensive – but please, do this after the client has signed up with you. When a client realizes that leaving your will require a high replacement cost, like penalty fees or additional charges if they leave you early, then they are less likely to leave you. Just make sure that you are delivering superior service so they will find no reason to leave.
  4. Truly know about their business – you will be more effective in your lead generation and appointment setting work if you know a lot about your clients. This means you have to study their business well, not to mention analyzing what areas they can get some improvements on. In that way, you can propose offers and services more convincingly and effectively to prospects.
  5. Try using reverse credibility – this is somewhat difficult in lead generation and appointment setting, since this meant credibility is from a smaller firm (ex. FrogDesign) to a larger firm (ex. Acer computers). But if you do it well, this can help add a new dimension to the credibility of a large client (especially if they are trying to enter a local market). You just need to know how to best position it.

Just remember that all these will depend on your ability to communicate. While this can be easily done with your lead generation and appointment setting team, remember that they must be at their best. If you cannot do that on your own, then it is only proper that you outsource the work to a competent telemarketing company.

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