You might think that that title refers to using proper English or to the tone of your voice.

If you do think this, you are wrong. Oh, these things are important, but they are not the point of this article.

The point is, if you are trying to capture your God-given healing, you need to make the correct positive declarations like, "My body is totally healed, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet! I feel good! I feel great! My body is at its ideal weight! All my joints work perfectly! All my organs function properly! My stomach is perfectly flat! All my fingernails and toenails are in perfect condition! My eyesight is 20/20! My hearing is 100% perfect!

Do you see the nature of these statements? They are all positive. They are all statements that declare the perfect health of your body. They are statements you would make if those conditions were evident to your five senses in the physical realm. Even though they may not yet be manifested to your carnal senses, nevertheless, they already are fact in the unseen dimension!

Now, this is the way NOT to say things: Never ever say. "my" pain or "my" condition (whatever it may look like). If you make statements along these lines, you will be claiming it for your own! Do not DO that!

And you also never tell someone that "something hurts," no matter what it is or how severe it is. Saying that anything hurts is an exercise in futility. Ask yourself what good it does for you to let your pain be known to another person. The answer: no good at all, because that person cannot alleviate your pain except to put positive statements about your health out into the spiritual dimension the same as you should be doing.

If you do express your negative feelings of pain, that is complaining and bellyaching. And do you know what the Bible says about this? It's witchcraft! Murmuring and complaining is witchcraft, according to the Word of God!

Realize that the enemy causes you to feel pain any time you exercise your faith for healing. That's just the way things work. So you need to verbally rebuke the enemy (resist the devil, and he will flee from you - James 4:7).

The third thing you never ever do is to say things like, "I have no pain," or "I don't have any pain," or "I don't hurt," or "I am not fat," or "My stomach does not hurt," etc. No! Instead, you always need to declare your statements as the "done deal" that they already are in the spiritual realm and ignore the physical. Nothing happens in the physical realm unless it already has happened first in the spiritual dimension.

Everything in this world responds to words. And living things appear to move more readily than inanimate objects.

Remember the parable of the fig tree in Mark 11? The Lord not only spoke to the fig tree, but the Bible says that He answered the fig tree, so the implication is that the living tree had spoken to the Lord.

On the cross and in Pilate's court, the Lord paid the entire price not only for your salvation, but for your complete healing as well. And if you do not believe that, you are missing out on the other half of God's grace.

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