Israel has no right to the land except by the covenant made with Abraham and renewed at Sinai, but Israel broke the covenant. That’s why God allowed Assyria to take them captive in 722 BC.

God said if they walked contrary to Him, He would punish them ‘seven times over,’ Lev 26:18,21, Seven times 390 years of apostasy (shown in Ezek 4:5) means 2730 years exile till 2009.

The UN grant of land was premature. The UN is represented by the New World Order beast seen in Revelation 17 where the pope is in charge (riding the beast). That ‘beast’ resulted when the US made an image of the Old World Order (sea beast) in Rev 13:14. [The sea beast was the papacy represented by an amalgamation of the four beasts (empires in Daniel 7) that it survived and assimilated.
The UN New World Order is said to be an image (look alike) because pope is leader.

God said, “If you will keep my covenant, you will be to Me a kingdom,” Exod 19:5,6. With the time above fulfilled, God will “clean house” of all those who have no interest in Him or His covenant and He will give the land to those who do. This ‘house-cleaning’ of Israel is seen in Zech 14:1,2--

“The day of the LORD comes…” (shown by several signs in 2015) Therefore, “I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…houses rifled…women ravished” Zech 14:1,2

That couldn’t happen in 2015 because the seven days for the fall of Jericho are a type of the 7-year end-time period that ends with a sabbatical year. 2016 was a sabbatical year, so that now the end-times can begin this spring with the above calamity on Jerusalem.

The seven-year period is typified by Joseph’s seven years of famine, seven years in Daniel 4 and 12 where the holy people are scattered for 3 ½ years. Then the abomination, New World Order, is set up for 3 ½ years. Revelation 17 shows the harlot (papacy) will ride the beast so both sides get equal time. He will move to Jerusalem as king of the north in Dan 11:45. Ezek 26.7 says Babylon, but end-time Babylon is the papacy, easily identified in Rev 17:5 and half a dozen other clues.

Having Jewish ancestry, this writer looks forward to aliyah—a return to Israel, but not until after the above calamity and a decree in connection with Dan 9:25—an end-time application of Daniel, foretold by the last verse in his book!

As Purim is celebrated on this full moon, enemies may be planning Passover, historic time of judgment (Exod 12:12) when history could repeat like Titus came at Passover. Residents of Jerusalem should watch for some indication of this on Friday, April 7. It’s the10th day of Abib when a sacrifice was selected, Exod 12:3.

A bad omen would be a warning to consider fleeing as Y’shua said when an abomination is seen “standing where it ought not,” Mark 13:14. It meant Rome in 66 AD and papal visits have given the same signal. The pope ought not to be in Jerusalem.

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