The Greek word for judgment in Revelation 14 is krisis and the time of crisis coincides with the end of 6,000 years because in the 4th Commandment, God gives man six days to do his work and “1000 years are as a day,” according to 2nd Peter 3 when the end-time “day of the Lord” comes, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy, noting the pope's appeal for Europe to accept Muslim refugees.

He believes the 7th millennium is beginning with 7 years of judgments that will drive people toward God or away, depending on what they believe. Is God good and wise, like “Come, let us reason together,” or is He like Allah, Kill the infidel and the raped woman and cut off the hand of the man who stole bread,

As people run towards God or away, their options should include a covenant-relationship with God as Israel had, in which He said, “I am married to you,” Jeremiah 3. Running away from Him will make us part of a global order that tolerates all lifestyles, even by leaders in what the Bible calls Babylon with Rome, city of seven hills in Revelation 17, says Ruhling, explaining the pope's visit on jubilee's timeline.

Artaxerxes was the Persian king who gave Israelites freedom to return to their land and rebuild in 457 BC (Google). It was a “jubilee” event. Liberty was proclaimed to captives or slaves and land returned to original family ownership as in Leviticus 25.

Jubilee was the 50th year but it was also the 1st of the next cycle so they were 49 years apart. The 70 weeks (490 years) in Daniel 9 spanned 10 jubilees and extended from 457 BC to 34 AD (no year “0”), and 40 more jubilees bring us to 1994-95 when Pope John Paul went to the UN General Assembly on the Day of Atonement in 1995 and Pope Francis also went to the UN on Day of Atonement in 2015. *Note: most Jews celebrated the day before, but in Bible times, the month began with a visible crescent.

Why 20-year's gap in papal visits? Peter said, “Be not ignorant, 1000 years are as a day, a day as 1000 years. God is not slack...the day of the Lord will come.” If we integrate the jubilee cycles into the 1000-year timeline, 490 + 490 for 20 jubilees are 980 years with a remainder of 20 years—signaled by the papal visits!

This supports the 6,000 years of time for man's work as ending with “the day of the Lord,” the end-time period impending. The pope's visit was just one of five “when-then” signs for end-times to begin in 2016, says Ruhling. He believes we could see the world's economy collapse as suggested by 6 million results on Google and martial law as a sequel where “one is taken, the other left.”

As America celebrates it's freedoms on the 4th of July, it's a mockery—most Americans are in bondage to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine (the legal drug) or prescription drugs as a losing lifestyle when most people could live better without drugs if they changed what they ate, says Dr. Ruhling, a retired physician.

There's also a moral bondage with people enslaved by gambling, sexual immorality and perversions, pornography, rock music, “shopping” or greed and a false sense of security from things that can easily be taken from us. Ruhling believes jubilee can afford freedom from all of the above in a repeat of history in which all who seek a New Covenant relationship can go to the land of the covenant. “If ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise” (of land, verse 29), Galatians 3.

The alternative will be enslavement in a UN New World Order with the pope in charge where everything is allowed except protest, and compliance is mandatory or one will not be able to buy or sell without a number, Revelation 13, but the next chapter says if we accept it, we will receive the plagues.

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