Video is the fascination of the future.

In 2020, people in lockdown spent time watching videos. Now that video watching is a cultural habit, I am trying to ride the wave by learning how to use video editors and you should too.

Fun fact about me: I am trying to grow my YouTube Channel I encourage you to check it out.

What first started as research for a blog post may very well turn into a lifestyle choice.

Me, a YouTuber?

I never wanted to be a YouTuber.

Great wife, teacher, mom, blogger, friend, sister, pet owner, yes, but great YouTuber? Not in this lifetime.
I mean YouTubers are in their 20’s right? An age I am well past.

What changed?

I recently was awarded the Best Internet Marketer Award by the Infinity Blog Association, a dream I have held for the last few years.

When I achieved my dream goal, I felt elated and then, well, bored.

What mountain would I climb now?

YouTube provided that answer.

There are many advantages of using the YouTube social media site.

One of the pros of YouTube is the ROI. It only takes mere minutes to talk into your phone while blogging, my usual passion, takes hours per post. Therefore finding the time wouldn’t be an obstacle, I figured. Here is more information about YouTube's advantages:

Another advantage is the massive size of the audience.
YouTube has one billion users. Many new users started watching videos during the lockdown of 2020, and more video watchers are predicted by 2022.

Knowing what to make videos about wouldn’t be an issue since I already blogged about ideas for inspiring YouTube videos

Video editing tools wouldn’t be a mystery since I knew about Splice and In-Shot. In fact, I published a Splice review ( and an Instasize video review (

In a surprising turn of events, my favorite video editor turns out not to be Splice but InShot.

My Favorite Features of the InShot Video Editor:

InShot has a large free music library. I can heart the music I like the best to easily find and use again later.

Inshot allows me to use Picture in Picture. This allows me to show screenshots while I explain the concepts they depict. I feel tech-savvy using Inshot’s PIP!

Also, InShot is easy to use. If someone not tech-savvy like me can easily figure out how to use this video editing tool, anyone can.

Finally, InShot has dynamic sound effects. My favorite sounds are the bells. Inshot actually has several choices for bell sounds and several choices of many of the sounds the tool offers. I look forward to exploring more of them.

When you use InShot, you get all this and more. You can’t beat the price. InShot is free.

Wrapping Up
In closing, I am not an affiliate, but I definitely recommend InShot and recommend it to video marketers looking for an easy, all-purpose editor.

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