When I have clients who are feeling sorry for themselves, I pose the question “If Picasso were in jail, would he still create?” Some say, “No, he wouldn’t.” Others say “If Picasso was in jail, he wouldn’t be able to create the same way, and therefore his creations would not be of the same quality.” These people assume his paintings in jail would be less valuable than other paintings.

As a creator of business, music, relationships, and many other things myself, I totally disagree. Picasso would definitely create masterful works in jail. Could he create the same way? No. Can you create income, operate your life or move your projects forward in the same way during this economy? Maybe you would, maybe you would not. So what if you did what Picasso would do if he were in jail?

Picasso would be struck with an idea, a flash or a vision. He would have a pull inside of him to manifest this idea into reality. Yet, if he was like most people today, he might think to himself, “Oh well, I’m in jail, I don’t have any paint, I can’t create it… ho hum… poor me.” Thankfully, Picasso and other creative people are not like most people today. There is no room for the victim mentality in creation. Creative people always find a way.

As a creator, Picasso simply assesses his situation. He seeks to understand the truth of his situation. He studies his environment very carefully, trying not to miss any of the details. He wants to identify what he can create in this particular environment. He doesn’t complain. He seeks to fully understand the truth of his situation so that he can create his vision from there. He doesn’t need the situation to change in order to manifest his vision. He accepts the situation as it is and makes it work for him.

For example, he might notice that there are three different colored soils in the yard; a pencil, a blue pen, various red, yellow and green leaves; and the background of gray paint on his cell wall. Everything is examined for its usefulness in creating the vision. He may not possess the pink he envisions so he waits, he observes and he allows the pink to reveal itself in the environment. He doesn’t get upset about a lack of pink because he keeps looking for solutions.

Ultimately his vision manifests in the form best suited for the environment. He doesn’t judge it or make it worse than a painting he created with canvas and paint. In fact, he marvels at how interesting it was to have to create it within the limitations. That sparks another idea and off he goes creating again.

Now I ask you, “Can you create your dreams given your current set of circumstances?” If you approach your life the same way Picasso approached art, then the answer is absolutely “Yes!” Read this article again and look for clues or mosey on over to www.MatthewFerry.com for more powerful lessons.

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