Raised blood pressure is a health condition in which the pressure of the blood is more than 140 mmHg for systolic and more than Ninety mmHg for diastolic. The word hypertension is coined from two words which are ; hyper meaning high and strain meaning pressure. This explains why hypertension is also known as high blood pressure.

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Decrease your weight. One of the frequent victims of it actually is someone who weighs over what is right for their age and size. This means that they don't seem to be eating healthy foods. Continued gaining of weight only worsens the quandary and will trigger it. This is why folk with elevated blood pressure are suggested to lose a little weight to reduce it.

Cardiac Exercise : Did you know what you need to do when you exercise. Many folks do not have a clue. Health of our natural health company is advised to start with cardiac exercises to get your heart stronger and accelerate your metabolic rate to loose weight. Some straightforward cardiac exercises that you need to try are walking, climbing steps, biking, elliptical machines and swimming.

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It has been found that people that are obese or fat have more chance of contracting this illness than individuals that are of ordinary weight. If you're diagnosed for hypertension, then 1 way of having control of hypertension is to bring down the weight to standard levels. It's been showed clearly that even a slight decline in body weight will result in lowering the blood pressure levels and, in turn, controlling hypertension.

Maintain a good weight. Maintaining a healthy weight will help you in controlling raised blood pressure. Take part in physically active programs that best fit your condition. You'll have to ask your physician about the intensity of your activity. Too much body work might strain you. For safety, brisk walking each morning is good. Make it Thirty mins daily.

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These are merely a few things that've been reported to help lower blood pressure. The list is great, and ranges from everything from garlic to fish oil. For my money I'd start with inexpensive and easy to get magnesium, lower your dietary sodium intake, exercise a bit, and work from there. Good luck handling your blood pressure.

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