Gone are the days when you have to fume silently as your neighbor makes that awful racket with his lawn mower, or when your co-worker becomes too nosy. After you read this article, you’ll know some secrets on how to deal with people you don’t like. Sometimes, life just happens to give you one for the road and if you’re rather unlucky, one that you have to deal with constantly. However, you can learn how to tackle this situation better. You can learn how to deal with people you don’t like.

1) Nobody’s Perfect.

Understand that nobody’s perfect. We have your own flaws and that doesn’t really make us much different from the person we dislike.

So the next time Larry laughs that annoying laugh of his, relax and tell yourself that his laugh is just part of life’s design. It’s just his flaw and something that he cannot really help. Or when Martha starts gossiping about the life of John and Jane, tell yourself that nobody’s perfect.

2) Focus on the Positive.

While nobody’s perfect, nobody’s not without merit either. So one effective way to deal with people you don’t like is to focus on their positive traits or deeds.

Despite his annoying laugh, Larry does work hard when the situation calls for it. And even though Martha is such a talkative person, she does remember your birthday and even surprised you with an office party last year.

Once you focus on their positive traits, you’ll have an easier time liking them - or at least, not hating them.

3) Be Nice to Them.

I know this sounds crazy; but one of the reliable methods on how to deal with people you don’t like is by being kind to them. Doing something good for others leaves you with a warm feeling inside.

By doing nice things for the person you dislike, you are associating that warm feeling with him or her. And if you’re nice, he or she will be more likely to return the favor.

These are some of the positive ways on how to deal with people you don’t like. Anger is never a good thing and frustration shouldn’t be left to reach boiling point. The suggestions above are some of the best ways to handle your situation. You’ll not only be doing yourself a favor, you’ll also be building solid relationships with anyone.

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