Your Inner Genius is the intersection of five key components of you:

1. Your left brain: All the knowledge and reasoning you have accumulated experientially and academically. This includes your organizational skills and analytical skills.

2. Your right brain: Your creative, imaginative and holistic side.
One side of the brain is not more valuable than the other side of the brain although you probably have a tendency towards one side of your brain. It is important to note that the goal here is to have whole brain synergy. When you have both parts of your brain working in cooperation and concert you produce wonderful results.
If you are a left brained analytical person, make sure you take time on a regular basis to be creative and to appreciate music. If you are a right brained person, you may want to read more and listen to audio recordings more often. Activate your analytical side.

We all tend to be a little too rigid. The left brainers think the right brainers are airey fairey and are not smart and the right brainers can be rather condescending to detailed analysis and sequential thinking. However, both parts are in all of us and we honor our Inner Genius when we support both sides of our brain and when we are more aware of which side we are leaning towards.

3. Your emotional heart: This is the center of your feelings. Your emotions are a guidance system. They are not who you are. We tend to identify the sum total of who we are by our emotional expression. We say, "he is an angry man." However, anger is an indicative emotion. Our negative emotions are there to let us know that whatever we have experienced is not positive and does not help us. However, many of us hold on to negative emotions and identify ourselves with those emotions. Our positive emotions are to us as sunlight is to plants and flowers. Our positive state is our natural setting. We are meant to be happy and to feel good. When we feel good, our bodies are healthier and others are happier around us.

Listening to your emotions and factoring how you feel and how you want to feel in designing the life that you want is a powerful tool.

4. Your Somatic body: This is your physical being and chakra system. Your body is also intuitive. It speaks to you. You feel a lot of feelings in your body but you may not be aware of it. The Chakra system is an Ancient Sanskrit tradition that addresses the flow of energy in the body. Each of the seven chakras speak to where emotions can lodge in your body energetically. As you understand the seven chakras, you will understand the wonderful hidden messages that your body is communicating to you.
Each of your chakras corresponds to critical components of our lives that we may often overlook.

This is not an in depth study of the Chakras. However, regardless of your spiritual background, it is important to study the body and how it holds energy. Prolonged stress, fear and negative thinking have a negative impact on the corresponding Chakra. Allowing negative emotions to flow through the body and discharge is important to your emotional health.

5. Your God connection: This is your spiritual and non-physical consciousness. This is sacred. Regardless of your religious background, we can agree to this mysterious connection that we all have with Source, Universe, The Divine, God, Divine Intelligence and whatever name you may choose. Inviting the sacred into your daily life and tapping into that Universal Intelligence has to be a part of your daily life to design the life that you want.

Now that you are aware of these various components of you, be aware that together, they want to communicate with you and help you create a life that is filled with goodness and wonderful things. As you gain awareness of all these parts of you, and deliberately engage them, you are living and creating from your Inner Genius.
As you are aware of these five components of your Inner Genius, you create a higher vibration which enhances your ability to attract what you want.

As you meld your right brain and your left brain and seek whole brain strategies, check in often with your emotions, listen to your body speaking to you and factor in the Source component of your life, you will have amazing courage and abilities.

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