Everybody likes his teeth and likes to have white and bright teeth. But they gradually become oddly colored because of regular eating foods and not taking care of. That's why sometimes some people are seen with yellow teeth or even blackish teeth. They feel shy in public places when people notice their bad colorful teeth. In this case, those people need to whiten their teeth to get rid of such irritating situations. There are organic and inorganic methods can be applicable for whitening teeth.

Lemon or Lemonade juice
Lemon contains citric acid and lime. The amount of citric acid in it is twice the grapefruits and five times the orange. So, it is rich in citric acid which reacts with fat that is harmful to teeth health. The yellowish and blackish coloring agent’s deposition on the surface of teeth occurs due to the fat particles and coloring particles of food. Regular drinking of lemonade juice and applying lemon to teeth surface help to whiten teeth.

The coloring of teeth happens mainly for eating food and not taking care of teeth after meals. Eating food is responsible for the deposition of coloring agents on the teeth surface and food particles in the gaps between the teeth. Gurgling after taking every meal helps remove food particles from the between gaps of teeth and restricting the deposition of coloring agents on teeth. This habit helps keep teeth free from bad coloring.

Two-time brush
Brushing is a must habit for keeping teeth free from the deposition of coloring agent and food particles on the teeth surface and in the deeper part between two teeth. Two times brushing in a day is a good habit to keep teeth fresh. It is also helpful to remove bad colors from the teeth surface. Brushing can be done with toothpaste and tooth powder.

Whitening kits
There are various kinds of whitening kits and products are available in the market for whitening teeth. Among them teeth whitening pen, whitening strips, whitening device, whitening LED light, whitening toothpaste are the most common. These products and whitening kits are frequently prescribed by dentists. Using these whitening teeth is possible within a few months. All kinds of teeth whitening kits are available in Litexoteeth.

Food Habit
To whiten teeth, it is necessary to change food habits besides using an effective method for whitening. Eating junk food, fast food, colorful food is harmful to teeth health. So for the whitening process and keeping teeth white it is must avoid those harmful foods. It also essential to give up smoking and drinking alcohol. Eating vegetables, fruits, and organic foods are good for teeth and it helps to fasten the teeth whitening process.

The tooth is a very valuable and sensitive organ of our body. So it is must need to take proper care and necessary steps for whitening it. Consultation with an experienced dentist is the first and important step to start the whitening process.

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