From seeing Christmas decorations out before Halloween to decorated fake trees displayed until March, the over-commercialization of the holiday season can push our irritation buttons – IF we allow it. Following are 3 simple, effective ways to use “holiday madness” to your advantage in your personal and business growth:

1. Transmute irritation/anger into passion/drive/determination. Emphasize what the season means to you. Never mind what the media is doing. Never mind what the neighbors are or are not doing. What do you appreciate about this time of year? What do you appreciate about your life overall? How are you bringing that appreciation into the world, now?

2. Transmute the excess energy in the atmosphere into your own prosperity/abundance energy. The overemphasis is seated in energy flow – specifically cash money most of the time. Tap into that to increase your own prosperity flow, without blame or shame. Do you have a different idea for how all of that prosperity energy should be used? Breathe life into it by visualizing it. Even if you believe you do not personally have the means to manifest your vision at this time, someone else may, and may pick up on your vibration. You never know what might manifest from your clear, focused intent. But you have to put it out there instead of reacting. What would you do if you had access to all the funds being directed into holiday hype? Remain creative.

3. Claim your power and command it – literally change your mind. Take responsibility for your thought content. Catch yourself getting annoyed and replace the feeling with something that brings you joy. Even if it’s not a specific thought as mentioned above, shift your focus to something else. Do it incrementally if that helps. The point is that you are – literally – creating a new train of thought. Don’t allow the media and/or the mainstream hype to control or even influence your life or your day. You have a bigger purpose than that.

Miracles and blessings!
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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