Every once in a while I get people asking me how to train, around their low back injuries.

Here are 4 important pointers:

* tweak exercises that hurt

So, if Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) cause you pain, change your technique a bit.

For example, I've minimized and even eliminated RDL-specific pain by asking people to change their foot position.

Tiny technique tweaks can and will minimize pain

* substitute the exercise that hurt

Let's say that you tried changing your foot position when doing barbell squats but still feel pain.

If so, substitute them with goblet squats.

Or with landmine squats.

Or even with leg presses.

(Note: I don't train people who compete in sports like crossfit, powerlifting or olympic lifting. So, we don't care about substituting an exercise. But, if you're competing, you need to work around the injury and a coach specializing in these sports is who you should be talking to)

* change the rep scheme

Perhaps low reps worsen the pain.

If yes, it's OK to lower the weight and do more reps.

In other cases, high reps hurt people but when they switch to lower reps, they feel great.

* engage the right muscles

Especially in heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts, people forget to engage their body.

And I'm not talking about just your core.

For example:

If you look at a chart of the muscular system, you'll see that your latissimum dorsi (the big muscle of your back) connects with your low back (the joint) But, many people forget to engage their lats. As a result, the low back is the one who takes most of the load. And, when your low back takes most of the load, it's logical to feel pain.


Of course, there are more things to keep in mind.

Things that are limited only to training (like force vectors)...daily things like body posture...and even nutrition and supplementation.

Anyway, amoral of the story?

Low back pain is a complex subject.

It's not as simple as "do more crunches and planks" (which in some cases can be cat-astrophic)

If you've been in pain for a while and can't train the way you used to do, I suggest reaching out to me.

I've worked with many people all those years who suffered from low back pain.

Nine out of 10 times, I was able to help.

And as for the 1/10? I tapped into my network of professionals, to see if there was somebody who could help.

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For a decade, Fotis Chatzinicolaou has been helping men over 30 look great naked while minimizing joint pain. He's also the author of the book Sculpted Grecian Body