Believe it or not, learning how to tell what someone is thinking is quite possible. Lucky are those who have the actual ability to read exactly what a person is thinking; but to be honest, you don’t need any supernatural powers for this to happen.

You only need to enhance your already existing observation skills to be perceived as a capable mind reader. To learn how to tell what someone is thinking, read on!

Mind Reading Trick # 1: Observe Body Language.

One of the ways you can read someone's thought or emotion is by reading their body language. The raise of an eyebrow, clenching of fists or tucking of a hair strand behind an ear already speak volumes of what is going through a person’s mind.

For example, if you find yourself on a date with somebody, the way your date is sitting can tell you if they're still interested or bored out of their mind.

Leaning forward equals interest. But if they're paying more attention to the restaurant decor or worse, the waiter (or waitress), then you know you’re not on their mind.

While you might not be able to tell word-per-word what a person is thinking, these telltale gestures can bring you pretty close to it. To know more about this interesting subject, simply search for “reading body language” on Google or Yahoo.

Mind Reading Trick # 2: Read Voice Tones.

Another effective way to tell what someone is thinking is by observing a person’s voice tone. Voice tones can not only uncover when somebody is lying, it can also help you determine just what mood a person is in.

This technique is quite easy for anybody to do. You can start by observing your voice whenever you’re nervous, excited, happy or depressed.

Mind Reading Trick # 3: Listen For Cues.

When you find yourself in a conversation with somebody you know, following their thought patterns is easy as pie.

But even if the person you’re talking to is a total stranger, you can still follow their thought patterns by listening to what they're saying and how they're saying it carefully. If you’re a good listener, you’ll be able to predict just what kind of decisions are running through their head.

When it comes to almost anything in life, knowing how to tell what someone is thinking is very important indeed.

In business, it can be used to satisfy your clients and exceed their expectations; it can also be used to read your competition and stay ahead of them. In personal affairs, you’d be able to avoid all sorts of unnecessary conflicts by observing for body language, listening to cues and voice tones.

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