Want to learn how to stop obsessive thoughts that keep you stressed, troubled and unproductive all day? Then this article is for you.

You don’t have to suffer from fears, worries or doubts stuck in an endless loop of thoughts. You can take control of them. Remember, whatever you feed grows.

Here are 5 simple steps on how to stop obsessive thoughts.

Step 1: Distract Yourself.

Just for a while, allow yourself a few seconds to dwell on an obsessive thought. After a few seconds, firmly redirect your attention to something else.

Think about happy memories with your family or friends, or go out for a walk and a breath of fresh air - anything that can be a pleasant distraction.

Step 2: Relax And Stay Positive.

In learning how to stop obsessive thoughts, it’s important that you encourage and affirm yourself.

Instead of the negativity and the what-ifs, focus on the positive things about your situation. Count your blessings and remind yourself that everything’s going to be okay.

Step 3: Live In The Present.

If you really want to learn how to stop obsessive thoughts, you have to stop dwelling on the past and quit worrying about the future.

There’s nothing you can do about the past, and you can’t really control what the future holds; so focus on the present and take charge of it. Being able to do your best in your present circumstance saves you from having to worry about its consequences.

Step 4: Say No.

Most of the time, obsessive thoughts are brought about by too much stress from all the responsibilities of everyday life. You don’t have to do everything. Learn how to say no to tasks that others can do.

Don’t think that it’s better if you do the job yourself - learn to delegate. Taking on too much, and not having the time and the resources to fulfill them, will only bring you more worries.

Step 5: Reward Yourself.

In any endeavor, it’s important that you reward yourself for the improvements you've made. This will keep you motivated to keep up the good work.

Learning how to stop obsessive thoughts may take a while, so don’t beat yourself up if you stumble along the way. It’s okay to make mistakes. Take all the time you need.

Accept that there are things you can’t control. You can either be troubled over things that can’t change, or be positive and make the most out of your situation - it’s your choice.

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