Want to learn how to start a conversation with a girl? All you need is the right amount of confidence, plus something to start the ball rolling, and you'll be fine.

But if things were this easy, then how come a lot of guys end up acting like complete oddballs when faced with an actual female?

Let's get to the bottom of that! Read on to learn how to start a conversation with a girl.

Step 1: Don't Over Think It.

The more you think about your strategy, the more nervous you'll get. Keep yourself calm to avoid psyching yourself out. Take deep breaths, relax and tell yourself that talking to a girl isn't such a big deal.

You've talked to women before, haven't you? There's no reason why this girl is going to be so extraordinarily different from any other females out there. Once you feel the familiar creep of determination and confidence in you, go ahead and talk to your girl!

Step 2: Keep Your Face Friendly.

Girls are extra wary when guys come up to them, especially if they don't know these men. While their vigilance is admirable, it also makes a lot of girls adverse to aggressive advances.

To learn how to start a conversation with a girl, you've got to make her comfortable in your presence first. Please leave all lewd jokes at home and keep your hands to yourself. Smile and don't invade her personal space.

Once she realizes that you're not a stalker, she'll be much more receptive to you.

Step 3: Drop The Pick-Up Lines.

You don't need to have a barrage of pick-up lines to know how to start a conversation with a girl. These days, it's all about smiling and introducing yourself properly.

Believe it or not, the simple approach is a hundred times better than a cheesy line like, "Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?"

Women today like guys who are down to earth, approachable and direct to the point. Going around in circles will get you nowhere. If you have no clue what to say, start by buying her a meal or drink and leave the crazy scripts at home.

Now that you have an idea of how to start a conversation with a girl, why don't you go out there and test these ideas out? There are hundreds of women waiting for you to approach them right now! Good luck!

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