We all know how competitive private jobs are nowadays. One can easily blame the growing population or lack of companies and firm in Indian economy. But we can't deny the fact that our workforce is getting educated at a faster rate than ever before so does the competition. If you are a fresher or someone looking for a job in Ranchi or elsewhere then you should ponder how to beat your competitors in this race of skill sets.

A certified degree is not enough, everyone has one. But here are few tips and tricks that will help you set your own league during the interviews and probably land you that dream job. Let's get started

• Research where you are applying. – It is important for you to know your employer well. This increases your chances to crack the interview. Before going for the interview Google the company once. Check their year of foundation, founder’s name, the aim of the company and their goals & achievements. This really helps in cracking the interview for full-time jobs in Kolkata and other places.

• Get your preparations done in advance. – Keep all your documents in place, get your dress ironed and most importantly, prepare for your job specification and research about the company beforehand.

• Know what is expected of you. – You should be very clear about the job specification and your role in the applied post. Don’t only try to impress the interviewer by showing off the overall information. What they want to know is your knowledge about the job you are going to handle. Keep your approach restricted and précised to your piece of work until they specifically enquire for any information. It will be beneficial in securing Jobs in Kolkata for fresher.

• Get your CV updated. – It’s been a while since you have prepared your CV. There is a possibility you might have acquired any new skill or knowledge that can boost your chances of getting hired and help you perform the given task well. Therefore it becomes a must to add these in your CV. Now having a skill set and not presenting them while seeking a new job is not a fair deal, especially from your point of view.

• Dress nicely. – Going for an interview demands professional attire. But that’s not it. Having a shirt and pant is halfway done. Your neatness is displayed in the way you wear them and the accessory you carry along. Basically, a simple watch is a perfect interview partner for you. Anything more than this count as an overdo.

• Be punctual – Your first impression is the one which is going to stay for long. Always try to reach your interview venue 15-20 min in advance. This not only displays your punctuality but also let you the time to relax and observe the surrounding.

• Be calm and composed – Not just your word but also the way you behave says a lot about your personality. Be sure to display your best in the very first interaction. Never rest your hands on the table while facing the interviewer. Don’t tap your hands or feet, this shows a lack of interest.

• Stay truthful in your approach. – Always keep in mind that your aim is to get the job not just for yourself but also to serve the purpose of that company too. Never provide forge info. This will create distrust among employer and end up having a very bad impact in your career.

• Always ask for reviews. – No matter you end up securing that position in that company or not, always try to get a review about yourself from the interviewer. Inquire why you weren’t hired and what skills and qualities you are lacking behind. This will help you prepare well for your next encounter.

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