What is character? Character is who you are behind closed doors when there is nobody else around you. This is who you really are. Integrity is who you are in front of people. People will see who you are before they hear who you are. On a daily basis you need to challenge your character. If you do not challenge your character your integrity will never grow. When you challenge your character, judge yourself.
You need to qualify yourself to produce a victorious future, otherwise you will stay in the same position, the same state of mediocrity, the same hole that you have dug and you can't complain about it. You can't blame anyone, you can't point the finger. You simply need to stop making excuses and get out of that state of mediocrity and start challenging your character.

The first place I would start is make a list of all the areas in your life that you need to tighten up, such as your attitude, your thought process, organizing your home, your garage, your vehicles, and keeping them in order. Start doing things on a daily basis that generate self respect and character. This will automatically qualify you to be around people who celebrate the type of person you can become, instead of tolerating the person you are.

I love you guys very much. Remember, the ones who love you the most are the ones who are willing to risk the chance of losing you to tell you the truth or to push you to another level. God bless you all with health and prosperity.

Sammy Maloof

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Sammy Maloof is a Hollywood Stuntman, seen in numerous TV, music videos, commercials and movies such as Law Abiding Citizen, Fast and Furious, Spiderman 2 and Rush Hour (to name a few). He is also a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. As owner of a beautiful Hot Rod shop in Southern California, Sammy knows what it takes to successfully operate and manage a business and staff for over 25 years. He has a unique way of addressing the problem areas in a person or corporation that keep them from getting ahead. Currently in development of his own reality TV Show, Sammy gets numerous invitations to share his "Winning" message with men and women groups, corporations, schools and churches all over the country. Visit www.speakersite.com/profile/sammymaloof for more information on how you can have Sammy at your next event. Permission granted to publish this article in its entirety, provided that author's name, bio and website links are included with every reproduction.